The Office (9 Seasons)

The journey of the 9 Seasons of the Mocumentary – The Office.

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Is ZERO a 0?

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a movie here, and for some reason, I feel like reviewing Zero. I was pretty excited about the movie since the day they released the trailer. It gave the vibes of something new, something refreshing, while promising a really beautiful and soulful love story between two physically […]

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They weren’t yours to take away

This is something I wrote few months after a bad bestfriend-breakup, over a course of few days, as a result of accepting the emotions the last few months brought. They weren’t yours to take away, Things that we both agreed are meant to stay. The promise we promised to keep forever, were ours, not just […]

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Singapore 2017

Last Year, this day, I went on a 3 Day trip to Singapore (Which has to be my favorite city for some reason). After seeing my School Counselor’s Tweet of #WorldPhotographyDay, ie, August 19, where she had shared a photo of Singapore Cable Cars, I was taken to a memory lane. I went to the […]

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