The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan Review

Imagine a grandparent seeing his/her grandchildren after more than year. That was me during Trials of Apollo. It was so good to hear about everyone I have loved in 10+ books. After spending so many years in Camp Half Blood, it has become my second home. Up to this day, I remember myself opening any random Rick Riordan book and read from any random page, just to revisit the awesome memories I have in my Demigod life. But, for over an year, I had started missing my old friends. Sure, Percy sent me a long text message as Greek Heroes & Annabeth had a skype chat with me when I was in my Einherjar form. But that is not equal to meeting them, is it? You can’t tell your grandfather when you meet him after an year that, “Oh, come one Grandpa! I had talked to you 6 months back on phone. Don’t act childishly.”, can you?MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD   Through the major part of the book, my eyes were wet with tears. I could’ve cried any moment. I was feeling sorry for Apollo, sure, but going back to camp Half-Blood, meeting some of the characters I’ve loved and knowing what the others are doing were the best moments in the books. Riordan told these things randomly, throughout the book. You missed one line, you may not know where Piper & Jason are and what they are up to.    Also, we got to meet the second known demigod to wear Spectacles, the daughter of Demeter, Margaret “Meg” McCaffrey. She has a major (and very important) role in the first book and an interesting fate for the first installment. Lester has to take help from this “mortal” at almost all points in the book.   

Apollo has such a great character development. He constantly keeps criticizing mortals, their weakness compared to gods, but now is himself a mortal (god knows till when xP). He know regrets the boasting of himself he did in his godly days, that how easily he defeated Python, but knows the real truth. He is lacking memory, and to regain them, he only gets the stuff he himself made to make himself superior. Making a character like Lester, Riordan gives a very important lesson to be learned by every person on this earth – to stop boasting about himself.  

    This book (or the series itself) is one of the best story plot Rick Riordan has ever created in all of his books. This series seems too well planned & plotted. The last chapter in the book will be very emotional for you if you’ve had a great time wuth the Seven during The Second Great Prophecy. Read the book, and you’ll only love it. Also, please do not read a pirated copy 🙂   My verdict: 3.5/5


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