The 575 days before returning to the world I love.

When I was first introduced to the Rick Riordan mythological universe by my classmates, I had no idea that I would never be able to escape that world. With over 20 novels and short stories released in the span of 10 years, no one wanted the series to end. The second series of the Greek-Roman world ended with many cliffhangers in October 2014 with the release of The Blood of Olympus. We had many unanswered questions even after reading the book over and over. What is going to happen to Apollo that Zeus is mad on him? Will Leo Valdez be able to return to Camp Half-Blood? If he does, will it be without Calypso or not? Or Ogygia is just Leo’s Elysium? Moreover, we wanted to know what the characters are doing in their life after the war ended.

 After reading 20+ stories about them, they are no more just characters to me. They are my friends. If Rick Riordan writes a book in which they are just sitting on their desk & trying to do math while suffering from dyslexia, it will become a best-seller. It took time, but we eventually accepted the fact that we would not see Percy and his gang again. Uncle Rick had to remind frequently that the new series is about Annabeth’s cousin and we would not see Percy Jackson in it.
Sarcastic as always.
But because of this, we had a little hope in our hearts.
‘Some Day’ xD
What we were looking forward to was Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, just a book with random facts about Greek Heroes narrated by Percy. That wasn’t enough to satisfy our greed, but atleast we hear Percy’s voice. After all, we grew up with him! 8 Months had already passed since the day we last heard about Percy Jackson. Fall arrived. I didn’t know how to feel. Be happy that I have a new Riordan books in my hands or be sad that it’s been one year  since I met my favorite demigods. Moments after I logged into Twitter after finishing the book, I was shocked by the surprise Riordan gave in the promotions of his book. The kind-hearted Uncle Rick can’t see his fans sad, can he? Also, I was more difficult for him to leave writing about those characters than it was for us.
The God of Sass.
A new 5 book series about the Greek-Roman world. And it will take place in Camp Half-Blood! There was a 8 month wait along with a good news. Within 2-3 months, me along with other fans, we were thinking about what all crazy things can happen in that series. I made a long list of predictions, hoping for them to come true.
May 5, 2016. “The new Rick Riordan series hits shelves today.” reported the headlines.
May 6, 2016. “The Trials of Apollo Book 1 ranked #1 on New York Times Bestselling list.” reported USA Today. “ 4/5 Stars. Striking his usual stellar balance between mythological monster battles and character growth, humor and pathos, this start to a spin-off of a spin-off series doesn’t disappoint longtime Riordan fans. And you need to be a longtime fan to follow along.” said Common Sense Media.
May 7 2016. The book was finally on my hands. I kept staring the cover for hours, not believing my eyes what I was holding. Before reading the book, some questions popped into my mind. Will it feel familiar enough that it’ll make me laugh and cry and cheer like I did when I read Percy Jackson and the Olympians for the first time? Will it be different enough that it won’t feel repetitive in comparison? Will I see familiar faces I fell in love with a decade ago? Will I meet new characters that I get to fall in love with for the first time right now? In regards to The Hidden Oracle, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding, “Yes!” Meeting Percy, Sally, Chiron, Nico and visiting Camp Half-Blood after ages made my day. I finally knew that Leo is back with Calypso. I know that Frank & Reyna are busy being the Praetor of Camp Jupiter and Hazel in helping them. I know Percy is trying his best to not put himself into a problem and pass High School, as he promised to Annabeth. We know Jason & Piper are busy in college. It was like going back to my second home.
There are no defined number of points to list out the reasons for which I love Rick Riordan books.
Basically. ❤
The 575 days wait was worth it. I hope that Rick Riordan never stops writing and I always have at least one of his books to look up for. Read my review of  The Hidden Oracle.


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