TV Show Review: 24 Season 2 (India)

The TV Screen suddenly started showing a clock reading 09:59:57.
What the hell? It ain’t possible. It can’t end yet! It has to be an ad-break.” I exclaimed.
CREDITS?? No epilogue!” I cried. “Why does everything I love has to end with a cliffhanger?

Woah! The season has ended. It’ll take time to accept that fact. The season was epic. Action, emotions, drama, thrill, acting, storyline at its best.

In the initial hours of the show we saw Jai almost burning down the whole Pune Central Jail to rescue Roshan Sherchan from his cell. We saw him almost killing everybody there. At one point I was convinced that Jai must be punished for the deed he performed, and of course a trial was held at the ATU later. He built Haroon’s trust, was present during the virus deal, but seriously, the Delta team can not stop Dhruv from escaping, and Jai can’t fire two more bullets to make sure the Sherchan brothers have died?

Then comes the first emotional part – Killing Haroon. It was sad, I loved Haroon’s character & his accent a lot. Meanwhile, Sehgal has been made the act in chief of ATU. Surprisingly, he entered ATU the very moment PM announed to make him the ATU chief. Unsurprisingly, the story had to take place in real time. Where is your real time, dammit? You reach everywhere within seconds.

“Kitni door hai yahaan se?”
“Sir kareeb 10 minute ka raasta.”
“Achha, but ham Indian remake bana rahe hai. Ham agle hi scene me pahuch jaayenge.”

Then Maya’s dad dies. Emotional again, I am. Many things take place. There’s thrill. There’s politics. And, there’s the never ending wait of the next season.
When the virus was spread in Hotel Gateway Residence, I was quite sure by then that there’s an antidote ready, because Indian remake hai. Hero ke bete ko nahi maarenge. But the scene when Veer had a video chat with his dad and sister almost made me cry. The scene when Veer announces about the suicide pills and an old women gets up to get one touched my heart. So sad it was.

How on earth do Mihir & Zara do everything together. They are monitoring every f*cking camera in the world, tracking the hell out of every device, and doing everything. What the hell are the other people getting their salary for? And, the girl with Roshan can do everything. How can she do programming from a brand new laptop in a showroom? She had only minutes, and she can’t possible download the software so fast.

Landlord. Millie. Why did we have them in the first place, anybody explain. I was hoping that they would have some role to play till 6 AM, until I realized that it was just another story to take up screen time. That time could’ve been used much better in the second half.

When Kabir first showed up in the show, I felt sorry for Mallick that how because of her duties she is not able to give time to her warrior boy. But, such a loving mom had to be killed right. And that too by her senior and friend Jai. And that too they had to show Kabir and his grandmom as an illusion. I don’t usually admit it, but I tears dropped down from my eyes. It makes it the first time I cried on the death of a fictional character. It was surely the most emotional scene of this season. Or maybe, the most emotional scene I would ever witness on TV. But, talking like a heartless person, would Jai have killed PM if Roshan demanded his body instead of Mallick’s?

Let’s talk some politics now. Naina Singhania has done a PhD in Politics I suppose. power ka itna nasha! The way she killed Amar, mindblowing. It was not at all expected. Antra was stupid to kill herself. But, honesty, does Naina even think about anything else other than power and politics. Mera beta marne wala hai. Ab main baithungi kursi pe. Evil women she is.

How can someone cheat a beautiful girl like Maya? I feel really sorry for her.

I feel we haven’t seen such a villian-looking-villian for a long time. Ashish Vidyarthi nailed the role. Sakshi Tanwar and all other actors too were at their best. Anil sir, 58 ke toh nahi lagte xD. Sir, you were awesome in each & every scene you were in.

Now, I think I covered up almost all the thoughts I had and were worthy to share in the 24 hours. Just one thing is left. The. Last. Scene. When Jai turned around and we saw Mallick’s mom just after knowing the video has gone viral, I was shocked. I covered my eyes with a pillow. I couldn’t see her shouting on Jai, much less see her taking out a bullet and – SHOOTING JAI?

No!” I shouted.
The TV Screen suddenly started showing a clock reading 09:59:57.
What the hell? It ain’t possible. It can’t end yet! It has to be an ad-break.” I exclaimed.
CREDITS?? No epilogue!” I cried. “Why does everything I love has to end with a cliffhanger?

So, the season has finally ended. Overall speaking, it wasn’t as great as Season 1 but still it was JHAKAAS. Season 1 was much better in almost all aspects. The best part of this season was, it was too high on emotions, & I love it.

Now, I desperately want a Season 3, and it better be as soon as it can. Meanwhile, I wanna watch the original American seasons. I have a Wifi. I have a laptop. Ugh. But no time. 


Acting: 4.5/5
Direction: 4/5
Storyline: 4.5/5
Screenplay: 3.5/5
Dialogues: 3.5/5
Engaging Level: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


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