Review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Why with each book Riordan releases he only gets better in plotting a storyline? In Heroes of Olympus, the main story arc was quite weak, but when The Sword of Summer came out, I was quite surprised by the storyline and the amount of research he did. In The Hidden Oracle, I was in fact shocked by the story arc he developed (More here). This book made me salute the guy! Hats off to Rick Riordan, guys. A must read.
Magnus Chase is the best narrator till date, for sure. In fact, Rick Riordan has more of Magnus’ voice than Percy’s. His humor is the best till date. And, Chapter Titles <3. I don’t think I need to say any further.
First, I wanna discuss the best part of this book – the character development.  I honestly haven’t read such a good character development for ages! 

Samirah Al-Abbas aka Sam

She had a great personality and a worth exploring character in the first book itself. The Hammer of Thor made the character even more exciting. She is an extremely well done & well developed. A devoted Muslim, and maybe the best female Muslim hero ever penned down. In today’s world, when people all over the world are calling Muslims terrorists, we needed such a idolizing hero. She’s still a brave, daring character with a loving boyfriend.

Hearthstone aka Hearth

Who will forget Hearth’s backstory of which we got a brief into in The Sword of Summer. In this book, we actually get to see how much worse it was for the poor Hearth. You can’t help hating Hearth’s dad and feeling sad for what all Hearth had to go through. 

Amir Fadlan

We all knew well from Percy Jackson & the Olympians that the mortals cannot see through the mist, except from few. The case is quite similar for the Midgard people in Norse myths. [SPOILER] But when you come to know that your to-be wife is being forced to marry a giant and that she is a daughter of a norse god and is a Valkyrie and other stuff, you can’t help but go crazy. [SPOILER ENDS] Amir is a really, really strong character, even more than Sam thought he is. And, not to forget, he’s a great lover. The couple looks amazing together. Even Heimdal took a selfie with the couple 😉

Alex Fierro

Everyone who belongs to this fandom knows why the Greek Demigods have Dyslexia & ADHD. Because, Rick Riordan’s son Haley Riordan was diagnosed with Dyslexia & ADHD, and Rick wanted him to see himself as a hero in the books. Not only him, he wants everyone in the world to realise that there is a hero in them. Whether the reader is Dyslexic or ADHD, is Canadian or Chinese, American or African, Muslim or Atheist, Deaf or Mute, or gay. He makes us realise how that being different than the majority is totally normal. Now, we have a perfect transgender representation. You’re bound to fall in love with this character.
MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW (Thor is catching up on his shows; I feel that is not required here because we would certainly not discuss any TV Show in this post.)
Can we say a big thankyou to Rick Riordan not to bring in a love triangle in the book? Many others authors would surely have started a love triangle with Sam, Magnus & Amir, but thanks a lot Riordan because
1. Love Triangle Suck.
2. Many good books with a potential are ruined because of that. 
3. There was already a lot going on in the series. 
Also, I’m pretty sure Magnus has a crush on Alex. And, Alex will never accept in being in a relationship until forever or till Ragnarok, whatever comes first. Though we didn’t have a direct hint, but its pretty understood while reading the book. 
This book has awesome one liners, mega awesome plot, even more badass Loki, and the amazingness you expect from a Rick Riordan book. The last chapter especially will leave you spellbound and you would beg for the third book. Not much of a cliffhanger but its amazing. [SPOILERS] The third book awaits a great journey in the ocean to where the gods came from i.e ancient lands. (Nᴓkk-Nᴓkk, Heroes of Olympus) And who’s going to help them after passing the high school semester? Guess yourself xD. I don’t know the ocean very well, but my boyfriend does. Its time you met Percy. The god of cliffhangers and trolls had to make this the last line of the book.
So for the third book, The Ship of the Dead, we have to wait one more year, and it’ll be the final book in the series. I’m pretty sure it will be The Last Olympian level good. 
Upcoming Rick Riordan books:
  • Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune: The Graphic Novel (February 2017)
  • Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy (May 2017)
  • Camp Half-Blood Confidential (August 2017)
  • Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead (October 2017)
  • Percy Jackson: The Coloring Book (Not announced)
Also, I talked to a few people who were lucky enough to see Rick live on one of his many tours. What I came to know is exciting. He said that Jason & Piper will appear in The Dark Prophecy. He said that Jason might get his own book someday. He said he might revisit the Kanes someday. Damn, I’m excited to read everything he’ll ever write!
Overall Rating: 4/5

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