Movie Review: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The release of this movie was indeed mushkil for Karan Johar. But after the 5Cr deal, the movie finally hit theaters in all parts of India, after creating a lot of buzz about it. The songs were already topping the charts, and the trailer got loads of likes on YouTube. The final product, was indeed worth all the noise it had made.   The movie is amazing in its own way. Just to clear it up, it is not a love triangle. The story is about a guy, who gets friendzoned, and tries all the methods possible so that her ‘friend’ gets the romantic feelings for him. One sided love and friendzone are topics I’ve wanted to watch a movie on for quite some time, and this film fulfilled my wishes.    This epic Bollywood Masala movie reminds you of many blockbusters of 90’s, their dialogues, songs and much more. Ranbir & Anushka are too fond of Bollywood, and you can’t help noticing that the movie is a mix of many Bollywood movies. We have few stupid jokes, on which you will laugh out loud.    The first half of the movie makes you fall in love with Ranbir & Anushka, their chemistry, their friendship and the movie of course. The second half is much different from the first half, and creates its own magic.    Ranbir Kapoor nailed the role. He gave his best, which was much needed from him. Anushka Sharma too was the perfect cast for the film. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan steals the show. Her looks, her dialogue delivery are just too good. Though a small role, she did it perfectly. Fawad Khan, the guy because of whom there have been so much controversies, had a very short role. He too did it fine. Alia Bhatt & Shahrukh Khan had a cameo in the movie. Though Alia didn’t have much to do, Shahrukh gave good pointers on the one-sided love, my favourite scene from the movie. You could see the young Shahrukh, the magic he created in Kal Ho Na Ho again within the 2 minutes of his role. Again, a special mention to Ranbir for all the amazing efforts he put in.    Karan Johar directed, and you only expect a good film from him. It wasn’t as good as his Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, but he did an amazing job directing the young lover. I’m sure he had to pull out the 25 year old guy within him to write & direct this film.    Music was the key feature of this film. With the touching Ae Dil Hai Mushkil & Channa Mereya, Arijit Singh again wins our hearts. Bulleya, Cutie-Pie & The Break-Up Song adds up a lot of fun to the movie. Alizeh during the credits give the movie a perfect closure. Overall, I would say that young generation would surely enjoy it. For me, this is an iconic film. Only a filmmaker like Karan Johar could’ve pulled it off. I would suggest, go watch it on theaters near you and celebrate #AeDilKiDiwali with the magic of love.  


Acting: 5/5 Stars
Direction: 3.5/5 Stars
Screenplay: 3.5/5 Stars
Storyline: 4/5
Music: 5/5 Stars
Dialogues: 5/5 Stars
Editing: 3/5 Stars  
OVERALL: 4/5 Stars


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