Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down Review

The Wimpy Kid series is one of the very few series in which all the school going guys can relate to the protagonist. Greg Heffley, unlike most other main characters in other series, does not have any superpower, is not going through depression or any other deadly disease. This is what makes the Wimpy Kid books unique and different from all other. I have been reading them for 3 years now, and each new installment brings fun into the franchise. Though, there is no book as good as the first one – which summarised most of the middle school drama – other 10 books are also entertaining in their own way. Each book focuses on some sort of problem a teen age guy faces, whether it be dealing with an sibling, a pet or going on a road trip with family. We see Greg falling for girls, tryng to flirt with them and end up in a stupid situation just like what happens all the time in school.

The last 3-4 books have not as entertaining as the starting few. Double Down again brings us the middle school fun with Greg and his friends. We see Greg feeling what we feel when our parents want to join us in our parties, or wanna meet our friend’s parents. We see Greg feeling equally bad as when we do when someone eats up what we love and we don’t get to taste it. We see Greg imagining himself into many weird thoughts we all have had at some point in our life. This book does not follow any theme overall. Its just a journal of collection of Greg’s embarrassing and hilarious incidences. 
Overall, Jeff Kinney did a great job penning this book down. This 217 pages long, illustrated journal will make you laugh on every other page and make you think, That’s just me. Also, the cover is so amazing this time!
My Rating: 4.5/5

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