Movie Review: Dangal | Dangal V Sultan complete analysis

It took Aamir 2 years to return with a movie after the highest grossing PK. After giving a big hit, everyone had high hopes with the actor to return with an even better movie. And, our Mr. Perfectionist hasn’t disappointed us at all.

Talking about Dangal, which has collected more than 100Cr at the domestic box office in the first weekend itself, is a clean family movie which can be enjoyed by all ages. From the first scene, the movie engages you in all sorts of feelings. You’ll feel sad for the young children, angry on Mahavir Phogat in the beginning, excited before the girls’ first fight, nervous before the final match, annoyed because of coach’s attitude and patriotic throughout the movie. There are puns at perfect times giving the audience a good laugh. There won’t be a minute in the film during which you’ll feel bored, even though the movie is quite predictable.


Aamir Khan, as usual, nailed the role. His expressions, his dialogue delivery in Haryanvi accent and his looks were absolutely perfect. His character and his attitude is just as awesome as it could’ve been, which is even pointed out in the film narration twice. During the course of this film, he’s fat, looks old and perfect for his age. We all are aware of the body transformation he went through for this movie, first gaining weight and then loosing it in 5 months. Surprisingly, the 5 months he spent in gym to become fit was actually just for a 30 seconds role. Mr. Perfectionist for a reason. (Watch the video here) And, not-surprisingly, the movie is not entirely focussed on Aamir Khan. The stars here are —

Geeta Kumari Phogat. played by Zaira Wasim/ Fatima Sana Shaikh. And Babita Kumari Phogat, played by Suhani Bhatnagar/ Sanya Malhotra. These four newcomers have acted much better than many of the well established professional actresses in Bollywood. In every single frame, each one of them were totally into their roles.

Sakshi Tanwar, the coach, the girl’s cousin Om, and all the other supporting characters did equally good job.


The movie’s main focus was not the story. The storyline is quite predictable, but its the screenplay that shines. The sets, the haryanvi setting is what outshines in the movie. The dialogues and the acting is what steals our hearts in the movie. The climax is what makes us stand for the national anthem out of patriotism unlike forced as in before the movie because of the new law.


Dangal’s title track & Haanikarak Bapu are already hit on the music channels. But the other songs aren’t that engaging. I feel the songs could’ve been much better. And, the title track, though its great, could’ve been edited a bit more to raise that excitement even more at few moments in the film. Naina by Arijit Singh is quite emotion during the movie and has great music.


We had another box office hit based on wrestling earlier this year. So, is Dangal better, or not? Or, is it even wise to compare the films?

Since the day Dangal trailer was dropped, it has been hard not to spot similarities between Sultan and Dangal, considering that both the films are based on wrestling and are set in Haryana. Let us analyse what is common between them, and what is unique in each.

Firstly, we have to make a note that Sultan is a fictional-love story which sets its base through wrestling while Dangal is a biopic entirely about wrestling and a daughter-father relationship. So, its not wise to compare each. But since, the similarities are there, so let’s sort them out.

Spoilers for both the films follow

Salman became a wrestler for love, gave up because of love, and again picked up the sport for love. While, Aamir has wrestling in his blood, he gave it up because of parental pressure and again picked it up as a coach to his daughters who too had wrestling in their genes.

While Sultan being a fictional story had let Salman master wrestling within few months, though his hard work was picturised. While, in Dangal, it took Aamir years to make his daughters great wrestlers, making it true to the actual lives of the following characters.

Salman & Anushka though tried their best, they weren’t able to speak with Haryanvi accent as fluently as Aamir and the girls in Dangal did. Dangal’s setting and sets looked more realistic than Sultan’s.

During the last fights in the respective movies, while Dangal made us feel patriotic, Sultan woke up our feeling of love from within.

Both the films were successful to remind all the youngsters out there that hardwork is required to win people’s hearts, fame in the world and beautiful rewards. If you have the passion for something, no one will stop you from achieving the goal.

While we saw Salman using great techniques to defeat the opponent, we actually learnt the gameplay and several techniques in Dangal.

The title track of both the films is made with energy and similar concept. Comparing them, I feel Sultan did a better job in the theater by playing Khoon me tere mithhi, mithhi me tera khoon at the perfect time to raise the level of energy bar. Though the Dangal track is also good, it doesn’t bring you goosebumps.

While Dangal raised a point on the corrupt people sitting on the government jobs in the sports sector, Sultan had a different theme altogether, and didn’t bother to show any faults in the system.

As a sports film, Dangal is certainly better. But as a movie, I would say, it wouldn’t be correct to say one movie being better than the other. Both the movies are great in their respective places. Sultan as a love story, and Dangal as a sports film/ bio-pic.


Acting: 5/5 Stars
Direction: 5/5 Stars
Screenplay: 4.5/5 Stars
Dialogues: 5/5 Stars
Music: 3/5 Stars
Editing: 4.5/5 Stars

OVERALL: 4.5/5 Stars


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