12 Reasons Why 2016 was AMAZING!

So, 2016 is just about to end. For many, this year has not been a good one. But, for me, this year acted as an eye opener. I feel amazed that even think what all this year offered me within a span of 366 days.

  • This year, I was successful enough to sort out my priorities, putting important things before fun. 
  • This year, I was successful in identifying the difference between my real friends and the fake ones, and helped me distance myself from the bad company. 
  • This year, I was exposed to various movies, which affected me within. They motivated me, helped me set my goals clear.
  • This year gave me few of the best songs I’ve heard. 
  • This year introduced me to many new people, and helped me come close to few of them, for the good hopefully. 
  • This year introduced me to the deep wonderful world of science, in which I wanna get lost forever. 
  • This year made me more confident, more bold and more open as a person, unlike I was before. 
  • This year, I was introduced to the Marvel Universe, another fandom I will always be a part of. 
  • This year, I opened my blog which gave me a big platform to reflect my views.
  • This year tested me at many points, to check whether I am capable enough to lead a life. 
  • This year made me realise, about what is permanent and what is temporary. What is required and what can be ignored. Told me when I needed to move on. 
  • And most importantly, this year made me realise that if you want something deeply from your heart, no one can stop you from achieving it. 

2016 had many ups and downs, but I’m glad that I’m entering 2017 with happy memories of this year.

At the end I wanna to thank each one of you, whether you are my hater or one who cares about me, to be a part of this year. Whether your attitude was good or bad towards me, they have made a positive impact on my attitude towards others.

Have a great 2017 🙂


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