Predictions: What Rick Riordan might have in mind

We are almost 10 months away to get hold of the final book in the Magnus Chase trilogy. Along with the release of the book will come Rick Riordan’s annual US tour. Rick Riordan is a guy who never fails to surprise his fans, and the tours are his medium to shake their world. On his The Blood of Olympus tour he announced Magnus Chase series. On his The Sword of Summer tour, he announced Trials of Apollo series. And, we all are aware what a big surprise it was for all of us. How it changed our world for the good when we got to know that we’ll know more about those so many cliffhangers in The Blood of Olympus. Those were the 575 days before returning to the world we love. I had already made a post on this back in August, so I won’t repeat much and come straight to the point.
So, what I want to say here is that, Rick Riordan has repeatedly said that he loves his job, and has no intention to stop writing books.

Rick Riordan already has 3 books on his slate:

  • The Dark Prophecy
  • Camp Half-Blood Confidential
  • The Ship of the Dead
Its obvious that he’ll announce few more books, likely on his Magnus Chase tour. Though, we know there are 3 Trials of Apollo books yet to be announced, his Magnus Chase series comes to an end this October. So, here I’ve tried to put my thoughts on what he might have in store for us.


Our favorite author is quite commonly called as Myth Master, and he does have a thing for mythologies. So far, he has been successful in making great series based on Greek, Roman, Egyptian & Norse mythologies, and he is left with only thousands of mythologies to explore. Also, this new series will be a part of the larger universe because if there are more than one, the number can’t stick to four.

Which mythologies have greater probability? Let’s discuss.

  • One of the several African mythologies, having some relation to Hazel Levesque, provided that she is an African-American, and it would be a great way to make the new universe a part of the one we love.
  • Frank Zhang’s grandmother was chinese, and even mentioned Chinese gods. What can be a better way to introduce Chinese mythology in this universe? 
  • Samirah Al-Abbas and Amir Fadlan are Muslims. Though Islamic Mythology has only one Allah, according to wikipedia, there are few Islamic beings. Rick Riordan said he would not be doing a series on any living religion, so probability of a series on Islamic myths is quite less, but it can be great way to know more about the mythology many people I know follow. 
  • Magnus jokes on Aztec mythology in The Hammer of Thor by saying that he won’t be surprised if he finds out that he’s related to a son of Quetzalcoatl. This might be an hint to what he might write in future.
  • We meet a Yoruba demigod in The Dark Prophecy. Who knows he might be leading his own book someday?
  • There was a reference to the Hindu Rain God Indra in The Dark Prophecy. Though Rick Riordan has said several times that he won’t be doing Hindu Myths, but they might be explored by any of the authors in Riordan Imprint. I hope those imprints too take place in the same universe. 
Also, not to forget, 2018 will bring us the first two books published under Riordan Imprint that will be based on different mythologies, even the currently followed one, will be written by different authors and will be supervised by Rick. The details are not known though, if they will be a part of Riordan’s verse and what books they will be etc. So,

In his The Hammer of Thor tour, Rick Riordan had announced Riordan Imprint. We haven’t been much informed about it yet, but don’t we all want to know more about it. And, since the first two books will be out in 2018, this announcement is a quite mandatory one. 
Update: We now know the names of 3 Books coming in 2018, but no more details have been given.

A series that takes place parallel to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, telling us what effect were the Greek actions making on the Roman demigod’s life. What was their version of the things. If it happens, it will be most probably narrated by Jason as Rick had shown interest in writing Jason’s own book someday. Also, mind it, if this book comes out, there is a high probability that you start shipping Jason with Reyna than Piper.
After three books and three short stories, Rick says, he covered up most of the mythological part he could think of developing a story on. But, does this mean that he used up all the Egyptian mythological facts? No. Also, he wants to revisit the siblings, he said on one of the events during The Hammer of Thor tour.
Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods & Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes were so helpful and amazing books. Rick should probably do the same kind of books for the Egyptian Gods, the Norse Gods, Minor Greek Gods, greek Monsters Trojan Wars, on Einherji, etc. No doubt that even the same stuff we can find on Wikipedia will become a best seller, just because Riordan wrote it in his style. Rick Riordan even teased through Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes to not suggest the publisher to make Percy write a book on Really Minor Gods.

Percy Jackson’s Really Minor Gods – Taken from Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes Page 325 UK Edition.
Credits – Paridhi Puri
With Magnus Chase series getting positive reviews from everywhere, and considering how deep Norse mythology is to cover in 3 books, this one makes quite sense. Also, considering Rick doesn’t kill Magnus in The Ship of the Dead, Magnus will have to follow the weekly schedule of Valhalla till eternity or Ragnarok, whatever comes first, unless he gets some adventure to take part in again. 
Be it short stories, or full length novels. Be it between Greek-Norse, or Egyptian-Norse. We’ll love it, won’t we?

Just like we have Demigod Files & Demigod Diaries, we wanna know more stories about the Egyptian and Norse characters. Let it be of either series, they are absolutely welcome. Or Maybe a Camp Jupiter Confidential? Or something like that?  
Rick Riordan started off writing adult mystery books, and he might wanna return to that once again, provided he’s much more known since then. But, its unlikely, because he is loving writing books for Middle Grade. 

Was Dairy of Luke Castellan in The Demigod Diaries satisfactory? No, right? What if we get a full length novel? Wouldn’t it be simply awesome and amazing to read. To know Annabeth’s and Luke’s relation in deep? To actually visit the moment when Thalia was turned into a tree?

Rick Riordan started as a mystery writer, which were not based on mythologies. So, what if he wants to write mystery novels once again, but for middle school, his current target audience? He even wrote the first book in 39 Clues, and it was pretty good.

39 Clues Book 1: Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan
Though he said this

But which author would not want his books to get more popular by well done movies or TV shows. So, he might have figured out something with FOX, and surprise us on his tour.

The best point of making all the series in the same universe is this, isn’t it? With so many gods and monsters of 4 different mythologies, together trying to ruin the world, and the demigods, einherji, the magicians have to join their forces to save the planet. The plot can be so amazing if done right!

14. LUKE CASTELLAN SERIES (Credits – Mia Sieljacks)

The events of PJO once again, just through Luke’s Point of View. How many scary emotional roller coasters he had to face. How he felt being neglected by his dad. What he was thinking while making the big sacrifice. Though this is very unlikely, but if Rick wants, he can make the best series ever. 

These were my predictions to what Rick Riordan might be planning to write in the near future. What do you think he’ll write? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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