A Letter to Class X-F

Dear 34 Students of Class X-F,

Though I’ve already opened my heart out to all of you in class, and on Facebook, I’m making this post so that if anyone who visits my blog in future, he must be knowing that you all have been a major part of my life. 

The first day of Class 9th is still fresh in my mind. After spending 10 years with the same classmates, I was very nervous in being a new class. And, I bet I was not the only fearful person around. That day, by finding the room with no well-known person, I just placed my bag in one of the corner seats and rushed out of the class, to meet the people I knew. I wasn’t exactly happy with the class being shuffled, especially that the people whom I called my good friends were in the opposite class. The two minutes we got between each period, I used to spend it in the other class. I did interact with a few, but that was too minimal, and kinda awkward. 

With each passing day, all of us came to know each other better. But a proper interaction with others never took place, until we were assigned few group projects. It took us all time to mix up with each other. Within a few months though, we all became friendly to each other. 

It took me almost half a year to come out of my introvertness, and make better friends than I already had. The Sports Day rehearsals boosted up this process, and by the end of 2015, I realized that I really am surrounded with wonderful people.

Fast forward to April 2016, the beginning of Class 10th. By now, I had realized who actually my friends are, and who are just those fake kinds. In the following months, I developed a better bond of friendship with my new mates, and the once acquaintances became the people I had a laugh with. 

There are so many things I need to thank you all for. 

Firstly, thank you so much for not judging me because of my anger issues, instead helped me work on it. In the course of 2 years, I lost my temper on few people for minimal reasons, and I really feel sorry for all the stuff I might’ve said being enraged.

Thanks for letting me know my inner potential, and bring a positive change in my personality. You might have no idea of what you did, but it altered me towards the positive side.

Thanks for making me realize that there’s a life outside the books. It took me time to realize that, but now that I know, I wish I had known it earlier. 

I always feared that what if I’m not able to be carefree and enjoy myself around new people and end up being the class moron, but thanks to you all that it didn’t happen. Thanks for not judging me for my actions or opinions, and letting me be myself. 

There have been thousands of worth remembering memories I’ve had in the past two years. Each one of them though lives in the heart, hardly any of them are saved digitally. 

I want to share two of the digitally saved memories, which really are just fractions of the amount of fun we’ve had. 

When we did several retakes to get one nearly perfect shot of Mannequin Challenge
When we had a camera, and free time to kill.

At the end, I want you all to forgive me if I had done any harm to you, physically or verbally, knowingly or unknowingly, or in any way. Trust me, hurting you was not my intention, and it never will be.

At last, farewell Class X-F. Thankyou for making my two years memorable. Thankyou for giving me few of the best memories I’ve had till date. I owe you all a lot, which I may never be able to pay back!



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