There are times when we all feel like quitting. I go through that almost everyday. While solving a PCM question, especially when it’s NCERT based, and I’m not able to solve it, there comes a thought, which tells me “Tu karega JEE?”.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this all of a sudden, but it’s happening a lot lately. I feel like quitting from this JEE preparation pressure. I feel like quitting from my coaching, and the hardwork it requires. I feel like quitting from Science and watch movies the whole day, with nothing in my mind to be tensed about.

And, I know I’m not the only one who goes through this. Each one of us feel like quitting from different things at different point of time in our lives. One might wanna quit from a relationship, while the other person wants to quit the job. So, what should we do at such points of life? Is quitting the option, or there’s some way we can improve our situation?

My trick is simple. I remind myself why in the first place I started preparing for JEE. Why it is important for me to lead a happy life in future. How sacrificing two years of enjoyment can help me get what I dream of.

Similarly, we all must go back and thinking why we’re here in the first place. Why has the love between you both reduced that you want to break up? What goals did you have in mind when you applied for this job? Rewind your life to the point when you were at the beginning of your journey, from which you now wanna quit. Relive the past, and it’ll help you live the present. Be open about your problems. Tell your significant other  what you feel. Tell your boss politely that the company has not been able to provide you with what they offered at the time of job applications. Try to discuss and find solutions before you quit. Discuss with your parents, teachers, mentors, councilors, friends. There are many people out there who would love to help you. It’s just you need to recognize them. Face problems boldly.

But, you don’t wanna prepare for JEE and your parents are forcing you to? Tell them and quit it. Your boss insults you? It’s time you quit the job. Self Respect is generally more important that following your dreams. Kaira in Dear Zindagi didn’t go to US for her dream project after her boyfriend cheated on her, because she put her self respect first. Sunil Grover with several others recently left The Kapil Sharma Show. Because, the host has no respect towards the artist. Despite the fact that this host brought Sunil to the limelight, he can’t just stick with him unless he has some self-respect.

There’s another way many people tend to quit. By committing suicide. Many people go through problems worse than stated above. That farmer? He’s not able to feed his family. That businessman? He just lost all the savings of his parents by investing in a business which didn’t work out. That IIT aspirant in Kota whose parents had very high expectations from their child because he got 10 CGPA in 10th? He scored in negatives in JEE Mains. He’s now being physically abused by his parents. And there are loads of worse conditions. In such cases, people wanna quit. They tend to end their lives, once and for all. They feel that their lives have come to a dead end, with a tall wall on three sides, and their problems on the back. But actually, it’s not a dead end. There is a broad, open road on the other side of that tall and thick wall. A person would just who has accepted the defeat would just sit there, on the supposed dead end, and would kill himself. But, the person with the little hope left would try to find ways to reach the other side of that wall. He doesn’t know what lies behind that. That’s the challenge. You need to have hope that there will be something great behind it, and you just need to find the ways to cross the wall. It might be insanely thick to dig or insanely tall to climb, but remember, infinity is just a concept. After a lot of struggle, you’ll find the good days. I can’t comment on what that struggle might be in real life, that varies for each person and his situation, but I can assure that the struggling days will end one day. Work hard for some more time without loosing hope. If you loose hope and suicide, for you it might be simple. But, think of all those people who care about you. Again, you might not even know that they care, but they do. Think about your parents, who gave you this life, worked hard overtime to make your childhood happy. Think what’ll they go through when they’ll see your body lying. They might never have a smile on their faces again. Your friends will drop tears when they’ll recall the old memories they had with you. Your group of friends might never be able to enjoy their time together without shedding a tear. The school bully might now be feeling guilty that he might have mistakenly contributed to your decision in a negative way. He’ll loose his self-confidence. Your teacher might quit her job because she feels her strict marking resulted in this. This even may result in suffering of her family. Basically, you’ll quit the easy way, and will leave behind many many people in worse conditions. So, whenever you have a thought of suicide, please think about each one of them. There are several suicide awareness NGOs across the globe, and you can reach to the easily. If you need, or you know someone who does, search on google for one in your city and contact them.

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That’s all I wanted to say. Even if one person benefits from this, my efforts would be fulfilled. And, please share it to raise the awareness! Also, your comments mean a lot to me, so don’t forget to say something in the comments.

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