Camp Half-Blood: Confidential, another fun filled companion

Camp Half Blood, the only safe place for the demigods to live, except of course Camp Jupiter. Its more like a home to the Greek Demigods than being a Summer Camp. Most of them though come here only for the Summer, they leave back after learning much more than they can learn in the regular mortal school. (Because, why would derivative of x with respect to time concern demigods?)

When a new demigod comes to the camp, he has to be made familiar with the camp. For that, Apollo had made an Orientation Film in 1950s, titled Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. Now, obviously, if Apollo is directing and starring in the film, you can’t expect it to be even half-good. Well, that is what the final piece was.

Trust me. The film was more awful than awesome. ~P.J.

It hardly told anything about the camp rather had stupid plays and songs, mostly showing Apollo’s greatness.

A comedy? Really? Man, I’m glad I didn’t live through 1950s television. . . . ~ P.J.

When the Campers watched this, they realized that the upcoming demigods need something better to know more about the Camp. There comes the role of Percy Jackson. He asked different campers to tell about different parts of the Camp, and their backstories. And, the final piece, mostly brought to you by Pete the Palikos and narrated by Percy, Annabeth, Connor Stoll and many other campers, is very entertaining and fun to read. You keep laughing most of the time, and never get bored. It tells the story of how the camp was started back in Greece, to the present about how Athena’s Statue is guarding the camp boundaries.
The book is short and a fast read. If you also call Camp Half-Blood your other home, and do not see The Complete History of Pavement on the cover because of mist, you must read this.
Overall Impression: 4.5/5 Stars

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