Lester Papadopoulos and Me

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Since 2005, Rick Riordan has written several different series, using different character’s POVs. He has narrated several books in 1st Person and 3rd Person Point of Views, giving each character his own tone, and making it very different from others. Like, in Heroes of Olympus, he wrote from the 3rd Person POV of 9 different characters, which ranged from an intelligent warrior, a guy who felt left out, a girl who came back from dead, to a guy who doesn’t remember anything except his girlfriend’s first name! Each character had a different tone, and very different back stories. One was Chinese-Canadian, the other died in Alaska in 1941, while someone had lost their mother. Rick Riordan’s most loved character, Percy Jackson is almost opposite to Riordan’s new protagonist Magnus Chase, and he voiced both of them in 1st person. Now if voicing so many different teenagers weren’t enough, he recently released the Book 2 of the Trials of Apollo series, which has been narrated in 1st person POV of a 4000 Year Old bisexual god. To increase complexity, the hot god has been punished to go on quests as a 16 Year Old with acne. The Sun God, who used to drive his sun chariot across the globe everyday is now depending on a demigod to let him have a ride on his metal dragon.

Apollo, now named Lester Papadopoulos, is one of the most interesting characters Riordan has had as a protagonist. And since the first two books were mostly about setting the plot and making him adjust to his mortal form, I felt that he can be a great person to write the essay on. (It’s my School Assignment.)

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Apollo has a boastful nature. He constantly tells how hot he looks, how good taste he has in music, and how no one can defeat him in archery. He’s that sort of a person who would boast about one little achievement throughout his lifetime (which in his case is few millenniums or even more.) And, somewhat, I am quite similar to this. If I think about it, even I boast about my achievements, but unlike Apollo, I wouldn’t boast in front of everyone. I praise myself only in my inner circle, among the people I know won’t judge, that too in a humorous way.

Apollo is outgoing. He’s an extrovert, and isn’t shy when it comes to go to a stage. But I am an introvert. I have troubles going to a party, especially if I don’t have people I know well stuck with me. I fear stage. I fear the audience. And above all, unlike Apollo, who shot a stupid Orientation Film, I don’t like to face camera. Though I’m coming out of my introvertness slowly, and trying to be better socially, I still am socially awkward.

Apollo believes in himself, probably too much, just like every teen who is overconfident about his abilities. And needlees to say, I’m a teen too xD.

One thing I have in common with Apollo is the love for travelling. While he used to travel the whole world everyday in his sun chariot, I still dream of one day that I’ll be earning enough to see the world’s every corner.

Apollo is active, fast and fit. And, no doubt, I’m the opposite end of the pole in this case. I’m lazy, and sports and me don’t go together. Apollo is selfish. He’s really selfish, and most of time doesn’t think of anyone else except himself. Not praising myself, but I’m very sure that I do not have that characteristic. Apollo has a lively character, that if you’re with him you wouldn’t get bored. But, with me? Oh, I’m pretty boring, or atleast few people say that I am.

That’s probably all there is to compare between me and Lester Papadopoulos. I believe that every person is unique, and so is every fictional character. (You might argue that Fred & George are same, but Fred was more talkative and outgoing than George was. But, yes, they were so similar that when George looks into a mirror now, he probably goes to hug his brother, just to be reminded of the bitter truth.)


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