Spiderman smoothly swings his way into MCU with Homecoming

The deal that Marvel and Sony came up with to share Spiderman is probably the best deal ever happened between two big movie studios. And, thanks to Kevin Fiege’s mind blowing idea, we first saw the new Peter Parker in Civil War. The new Parker, played by a 19-Yo Tom Holland brings the perfect Spidey vibes the audience wanted. Peter’s 15 Year Old in the movie, and is probably most relatable superhero ever.

Peter Parker goes to high school, secretly crushes on a girl, is socially awkward at parties, pretends to be busy, and is scared of his parental figure about catching him sneaking out of his house. The new Spidey is exactly what teens are – Overconfident about themselves thinking they are old enough for everything. (Yes, I’m also a teen, and I’m just like that. Every teenager has that characteristic.)

The movie is one of the most comedy takes ever for any superhero. From the beginning, till the second post credit scenes, Jon Watts keeps the tone light and humorous, with serious moments whenever the script required. Tom Holland nails the role, especially during his video diaries. They look so authentic and real that you would have a hard time accepting that they’re scripted. The movie is full of surprises and Easter eggs, and perfectly ties into MCU. Won’t spoil much, but there’s a big big surprise waiting near the end, a shock at the very end and the funniest post credit scene since Shawarma one in Avengers. Totally worth sitting till the very end of the credits patiently.

The movie is about our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, who, in this film, is fighting another neighborhood villain. In the process, he gets to know many things about the amazing suit Mr. Stark has given him, and discover his own capabilities to earn that suit. His way of dealing with the situation is quite different from other superheroes we’ve seen, in fact from the older 2 spidermans too. There is a little screentime of Iron Man, a little of recorded lessons of Cap, quite some of Happy Hogan, and surprise, another old character’s cameo. Iron Man is certainly not in the centre of action as it was  presumed from the trailers. He has a small, but significant role.

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Nope, its not Iron Man 4.
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Spiderman: Homecoming is a brilliantly done movie, and Marvel has used Sony’s property, trust and the creative freedom in an excellent manner. The movie doesn’t loose its pace, though could’ve been edited a few minutes more. Also, a really intriguing scene from the trailer is missing in the movie, but since it didn’t fit the story, and we got several amazing scenes in the movie, its okay to loose on one. We finally have the teen Spiderman among the other super heroes, growing up admiring them and wanting to be like them. All thanks to Kevin Fiege and his strong will to replicate the comics on the screen!

Rating: 4.5/5


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