Revisiting the worry-free days, just 3 feet away.

I wasn’t feeling okay. I was getting negative vibes for over a day. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling  so, but it wouldn’t go away. So, I walked to my bookshelf. The Rick Riordan section. There was this blue book in it. I pulled that out. The cover, it had a ship on it. With a fire breathing head. And two teenagers, maybe, 16 and 14 were sword fighting on that ship. The blue colour of the cover, it changed itself from dark shade with lightening on top to a very light shade with waves as high as the ship at the bottom. I took a minute and adored its beauty. Its just like how I saw it last time. With the folds visible, giving the proof of how many times I’ve been through the pages contained. Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena. The book, which has been a big part of my middle school. The book I would open and start reading whenever I was bored. And, today, holding it in my hands, after a long time, it felt as beautiful, as attractive, as magnetic as it has always been.

I randomly opened a page. The left one had a big title reading PERCY in a very familiar font, with the shadow effect. The first line of the page read Percy was not feeling the love. in capitals. But, I certainly was. By this time, a wide smile had emerged on my face, and I forgot all I was worrying about. I forgot that I still have few chapters left to prepare for the test I have in school tomorrow. For now, I wanted to feel happiness, and therefore, I smelled the scent of the pages and turned to Page 1.
(Photos taken from my phone camera of my copy.)

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