The Ship of the Dead Review: Riordan is at his best!

The last day of my mid terms in 8th, Rick Riordan had announced The Sword of Summer. Since I had then recently finished reading House of Hades, it was the first time I wait for a Rick Riordan book. And, here I am, 3 years later, reading the last book of the series. The only series that I’ve read as they released. The only series for which I’ve waited one whole year for its every book to release. So, naturally, this series has a special place in my heart.

When I first read The Sword of Summer, I found the book really good, and called it in the top 5 Riordan books ever. It was drastically different from what Riordan had written earlier. The plot, the humor, the characters, everything was very well done, and felt new. It wasn’t Lightening Thief over again. Then came Hammer of Thor, again an amazing book, and with new characters, including a Gender-fluid Alex Fierro. We met many Norse gods and giants over these two books, with obviously, Rick Riordan’s flavour added to them.

The second book had ended perfectly with Annabeth saying I think its time you met Percy. From Book 1, we’ve been waiting for this moment. For some reason, we didn’t got a sneak peek much until last week of September, while other fall releases usually get one in June. Anyway, as impatient I was waiting for the sneak peek, I’m glad it didn’t came because it would’ve made me 100 times more impatient.

Image result for the ship of the deadIn Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead, Magnus Chase along with his friends (Blitz, Hearth, Sam, T.J., Alex, Halfborn & Mallory) sail out to Niflheim on a big banana (read: Big purely yellow ship) from Boston to stop a ship made of toenails of dead from sailing, which will start Ragnarok. Magnus did receive some tips from our favorite Percy Jackson. (Bonus: Percabeth is more adorable than its ever been!) Just like Mark of Athena, we see Percabeth together after 3 long years! (Except, Percy didn’t loose his memory this time. He was studying! Why?) So, after we catch up with Percy, Annabeth, Percy’s baby sister who drools like her brother & Wolves in Randolph’s mansion, the ship sails out in the direction of Europe, picking up Sam, Alex, Blitz & Hearth on the way. As the Naglfar is set to start sailing in the middle of summer, and is set in June, Sam has her Ramadan month going on. So, she is on the dangerous quest, without drinking or eating anything in daylight!

Didn’t we all love Mark of Athena, in which the seven together sailed towards East encountering several different monsters to deal with, and explored themselves during the long journey? And, what about Last Olympians’ climax? Wasn’t it just the best ending Rick Riordan had ever penned down? Now, imagine, if you have a new book, with new characters, with even more amazing plot, and even better character development and as good a climax? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Rick Riordan has signed a deal with Morpheus and it has come true. The Ship of the Dead is easily one of the best books Riordan has penned down ever. The best conclusion since Last Olympian, and the best paced team adventure since Mark of Athena, Ship of the Dead doesn’t bore you even for a millisecond. The first 3/4th book reminds you of Mark of Athena, but doesn’t seem the same thing again at all. The latter 1/4th book, basically the climax and the conclusion, is as good as Last Olympians’. With the better than expected climax, Riordan proves that he’s as good with words as he is in mythology. In the last 3-4 chapters, you’ll draw out major similarities between The Ship of the Dead and the Last Olympian. And, also you might also find your new OTP at the end of the book.

The Ship of the Dead is also the best book in this trilogy, followed by Sword of Summer and Hammer of Thor respectively. And, since even Hammer of Thor is really good, we can say that Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard is one of the best series by Rick Riordan. Infact, I would even tie it to the best Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

Recently, Rick Riordan also won a Stonewall Award for the gender fluid character he created in the form of Alex Fierro. Rick Riordan has been including many  diverse characters in his books and making them heroes, because after all that’s why Percy was dyslexic in the first place, ie, so his Dyslexic son could find a hero within himself. Its just, now he wants every reader to find a hero within themselves. Big Salute, Riordan Sir!

Book Rating – 5/5 Stars

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