Creating Memorable Memories!

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So, I was just wondering that it’s only 1.5 year more in school. After that, we will loose our common link of friendship ie the school. Sure, the social media and thousands of apps these days will ensure that we all remain in contact, despite being in different countries. But, at the end, we won’t be meeting everyday in school to create more memories. And, all those laughs we’ve had will just become past, which we’ll want to relive. We’ll be in a totally new environment. In college, we won’t be knowing anyone. Everyone will be new to us, and it’ll be time to make new friends. But making friends is a slow process. Being emotionally attached to someone, loving and accepting them for who they are isn’t an easy task. When we came from 8th to 9th, we had our old friends with us. And, they may or may not be with us now, the current friends we have built slowly. There was no period when we had no one. Plus, having common friends play a major role in making new friends. The fact that I’ll suddenly be dumped in an unknown building with unknown people in an unknown environment for years scares me. It’ll be such a fast transaction. We’ll meet thousands of new people. What if we starting hanging out with the wrong ones? What if the new friends we make turn out to be fake? At present, I cherish the fact that all the friends I have, they’re the best ones I can ever have. And it’ll be a difficult task to make new ones and start trusting them the way I trust my current friends. Sure, trusting someone takes hell lot of a time. Getting to know someone, starting knowing them better, understanding them, their interests, sharing our past with each other, building trust might take years. And unless you can be yourself in front of them, which requires all the above factors, you can’t create memories to cherish. Well, given that 3 years back I didn’t even know the names of the people I call my best friends now, I hope it turns out as good in the 4 years of college life too. But, again, there was no I-don’t-know-anyone-here period. It was never a new building. Never a new environment.

We’re young right now, we have little to remember. 30 years later, when we’ll be married, have jobs and stuff, we wouldn’t remember the details. We’ll have much more things to remember. What we’ll remember will be the best memories we’ve ever had. And, those will be with our best friends. So, it’s important that the next 1.5 years of our togetherness, we create as many memorable memories that we can, have the most honest laughs of our lives and make a permanent place in each other’s heart, so that despite making new friends in college, this friendship never weakens or is forgotten.


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