Trans Rights are Human Rights

We need to talk about what Trump is trying to do, and raise our voices high enough that he doesn’t go forward with it.

Not many have a proper understanding of what trans community is, and what all this gender on forms thing is about. So, give this a read. I’ll try and explain in short. Please share and raise your voice in support of the trans community.

So, who are transgenders? Before we talk about that, what is gender? The basic answer one would give me is – “Male or Female”. Well, I’ll say that is wrong. Gender is a spectrum, like a rainbow. Male and female are just the two ends of it. There are many genders in between them, just as many there are colours. You would argue, “But one is either born with male genitalia or female genitalia. What is up with this mid way thing?” So, here arises the concept of gender. What you’re talking about is Biological Sex, which is often confused with but is different from what gender is.

Biological Sex is something you’re born with. And according to that, you’re assigned a gender at the hospital form. If you’ve a penis, you’re assigned male. If you have a vagina, you’re assigned female. Gender is something that brain decides, and has nothing to do with the biological sex, gender roles or anything of that sorts. It’s about comfort of the brain in expressing itself.

Being born in a male body doesn’t necessarily mean your gender is male. A person might be born with a penis, but doesn’t feel comfortable expressing as a boy. They might be identifying themselves as a girl, and might wish to have the other set of genitals. They might feel uncomfortable in their body, often termed as “Body Dysphoria”. And, vice versa. These people are called transgenders.

Now, what was about that spectrum thing? Basically, someone born with female genitalia might not be comfortable expressing themselves as a girl, but nor do they want to express themselves 100% as a male. There’s this inbetween thing. These are non-binary genders. Androgynes, Genderfluid, Polygender, Demigender, Genderflux, etc lie here.

Then, there is a identity called “Agender”, where one doesn’t fit in the spectrum at all. They seem to not have a gender. (Yes, it’s possible. Again, gender is not biological sex).

Another thing one must know is that, Gender Identity has nothing to do with Sexual Orientation. A trans woman (Person assigned male at birth, but identifies as a girl) doesn’t necessarily be attracted to men, and vice-versa.

So, now, the reason I was talking about it. Basically, science has developed enough that there are surgeries taking place to change the genitals into the other sex’s, and hormone replacement therapies for the trans person to go through what is called “Second Puberty”, and achieve a body they feel comfortable in. According to the present laws in US, one can change their gender on their birth certificate from what they were assigned to what they identify as. Many choose to do it after transition, and many before transition.

Try and understand the point here. Someone who’s completed their transition, and now expresses themselves as their real gender than what they were assigned would not want their old and apparent gender to be on official documents, would they? On the passport, or Voter ID card, etc? Uptil now, they’ve had the right to change it. No one seeing their documents needs to know what they were born as. They are what they are in present. Donald Trump is trying to take this right away.

Basically, after this, a boy, who represents himself as male, has taken Hormone Replacement Therapy and surgeries will have “female” written on all their documents. What good does it do? Nothing. It just makes it worse for the trans person. They’re prone to violence and discrimination against them.

So, it’s a small request that you share the information, and raise your voice in support of our trans brothers, sisters and non binary siblings.



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