Is ZERO a 0?

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a movie here, and for some reason, I feel like reviewing Zero. I was pretty excited about the movie since the day they released the trailer. It gave the vibes of something new, something refreshing, while promising a really beautiful and soulful love story between two physically challenged people. And, because of Shahrukh’s dull performance at Box Office lately, either due to the script or due to clashes, everyone had high expectations from this one, given its his first release, and the only one he’s been working on, since the debacle that Imtiaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal was. I had a night show, and since morning, I came across loads of memes and poor reviews of the movie, and had second thoughts about how this will turn out. I decided that I’ll form my own opinion after watching the show.

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So, is it what the memes are saying it to be? Do you feel like running from the theatre? My answer is, no. While the first half is really enjoyable, second half doesn’t live upto it. It gives the feeling that none of the people involved in making of the film know what they want to do of it. A scene starts from one point, and ends at a point which has no correlation to where it started from, and this only gets worse post interval.

First thing I will stress on is that this is a fantasy story, and if you want to enjoy it, you must take it as that. Do not try to ask that how can any of this be true, because the story is heavily exaggerated, to the point that it stops feeling real. It is a not-simple story in which a short heighted guy from a town reaches heights, that includes getting attention from female Bollywood celebrities to becoming a national hero in an entirely different field.

The movie has major pacing issues. It’s too long, few funny scenes are dragged so much that the housefull theatre loses interest in laughing on it anymore, while few things happen so suddenly, you can not follow. There are scenes in which you will find the seat too small to laugh properly, but then there are scenes where the seat will be too small to take a nap. There are scenes which you will find very creative, but then again, there are totally ridiculous scenes to compensate for that.

Just like all his movies, Shahrukh has done justice to his role, infact, his presence makes you bear the dull scenes. The magic in Shahrukh’s eyes, which we’ve all loved as we grew up was visible even as a dwarf. He doesn’t fail to make you laugh, whenever he can. The thing I really like about Anushka Sharma is that she’s trying her best to do different kinds of roles, and she does try her best, and it isn’t even bad, but is inconsistent and the speech is difficult to understand at times. Katrina, as we know, isn’t really a great actor, but here she was perfect. The best choice, I would say. The role was such, and she made the role believable. All the cameos, and the potential they had, were wasted. Except Abhay Deol’s and R. Madhavan’s. They didn’t have much to do, but again, they made their role look believable.

VFX was mind-blowing. It wasn’t a visual film, but making Shahrukh look like a dwarf isn’t an easy task, that too in all the frames, and the VFX team nailed it.

The movie tried to explore some confused and strange concepts, which again are a part of the fantasy, but could not explain what they were trying to say. The audience would get the feeling that the writers started typing the story, and kept going on without having any direction in mind. Thus, it resulted in very loose threads, and unbelievable plot.

I really wish Shahrukh gets back in the game, but this is not the film which will help him achieve it. Better luck in the next rocket ride in Rakesh Sharma’s Biopic!

Rating: 4.5/10


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  1. Hi Arnav!
    What a well written review!
    I am so glad that you decided to form your own opinion.
    You have done justice by penning a very objective and balanced review!πŸ‘

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Thankyou mam!! πŸ™‚


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