The Office (9 Seasons)

On the thought of it, a documentary styled show, based on daily lives of employees in an office, seems mediocre as an idea. And, that is the reason I picked this show. One late night, bored and alone, I wanted to watch something, and I started the show I found the least interesting on the streaming service. Now, I look back 6 months, when I had started this, I never thought I’ll be loosing track of time while binging the episodes one after another. How could a show taking place in a stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing office be this good? Well, I guess, the show is all about exceeding expectations.

Starting off as a slow, meh-kinda feel, you just initially do not relate to the characters. You hate how stereotypic the boss is, how none of the characters seem to have a personality, or if they do, how it is way too one dimensional. Jim just keeps playing pranks, Dwight doesn’t seem to understand fun, Pam is stupid, and Micheal, ugh, how do they take his insults 9-5 everyday?

There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t that kind of the point?

The Office, Season 9

But, for some reason, you keep watching. Something makes you want for more of it. And, out of a sudden, a moment comes, when you realize how much you are already in love with these characters, who a moment back didn’t seem to have a personality.

And, then, slowly, you realize just how much depth there is in each of the characters. And, can I add, the show has the best character development I’ve seen in my life. Be it Micheal’s immaturity, to Pam hating her job, or Jim being Dwight’s nemesis, or Andy having anger issues, or heck, even the good old Creed, or the ever sleeping Stanley, or Kevin regardless of his low IQ.

The show takes risks, throughout its run, which makes it stand out for me. It does not take its viewers for granted, and feeds them exactly what they didn’t expect to get. Major unexpected changes in the story arcs, which raises the question in viewers mind, “Was it necessary?”. The show challenges the viewers every now and then, telling them they are capable of making a beautiful season after changing what they loved the most about it.

The show makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it makes you awe, all at the same time. Over the 9 seasons, you see the nemesis turning into best friends, the insulting boss becoming the most loved character, the Angry Andy becoming the Adorable Andy, and people realizing how much they actually care about each other, and finding their incomplete selves in their coworkers.

Its like a long book that you never want to end.

Pam, The Office, Season 9

The show has real stakes, real farewells, and even more real bond between the characters, added bonus of the perfect actors for the role. Its an escape to the world, which resembles the real world very finely, but isn’t real. I recommend this show to everyone, who wants to try something new, and wants to find a reason to be happy in what feels a boring life. The show teaches several lessons, and the best one of them, you don’t know what you have, until the day it is being taken away from you.

But, no matter, how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home.

Creed, The Office, Season 9
I loved every minute I spent with them.

I award this show with the Best Show Out There Dundie!

That’s what she said.

Micheal Scott, The Office

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  1. Manu Adams says:

    I started of watching the office. But somehow fell out if interest. Now I feel I should start again. Thank you for your help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Oh yes, in the beginning it will feel boring and not engaging. But, you can have my word, you’ll not get to know when you’ll be addicted to it.
      Glad I could be of help!


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