Jo Shaheed hue hain unki, Zaraa yaad karo Qurbaani

Lata Mangeshkar’s 1963 song is a song which can’t age and never fails to remind us that we are able to live this life because thousands of Indian soldiers are on the border, putting their lives on risk 24*7, not only for their family and loved ones, but the whole country.

Recent events are not unknown to anyone, and the situation is only getting tenser as every hour passes. My heart wrenches on a single thought of how thee Air Force Pilot is being treated right now on the other side of the border. All we can offer is our best wishes to his family, and hope that some negotiation can be done to get him back to our land.

Being real, Pakistan is not known for negotiations. And, entering India’s airspace border earlier today might just be a distraction, with whatever else they’re planning. We do not know what else Pakistan has planned, and how they’re going to retaliate, but I have full confidence in India’s Army.

Still, that doesn’t mean we are ready for a war, regardless how stronger we are. A war, regardless won or lost, accounts for deaths of a lot of innocents. Winning a war is something that can’t be celebrated. Social Media is flooded with Indians calling for a war, to show Pakistan what they are. But, I don’t know the strengths of the respective militaries, and nor would I go in which country would win in case a war happens. I don’t know. But something maybe these people on social media fail to realize is that, whoever wins, it is still a loss of countless more brave soldiers for something that only disrupts peace and gives no positive outcome.

At such an hour, it’s important that we all stand as one, leaving all disputes behind. It’s Election time, and India is the most vulnerable at this hour. I hope the political parties act mature, and notice what’s the top priority.

The way things are at present, it feels difficult for peace to be restored anytime soon, but I’m hopeful that whatever actions are taken in the next few weeks or months, the least number of soldiers have to sacrifice themselves, on both sides of the border.

I believe and support Indian Army with my whole heart, in whatever steps they take. And, my heart lies with the families of the martyred. Jai Hind!

Indian flag, with a soldier saluting it.

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      These are just simple words, for a much stronger will power of our soldiers and their families.

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  1. Trupti says:

    Totally agree !!
    War is not the solution. War brings nothing but destruction, may dive one success but at the cost of the blood of many innocent people.
    Should be avoided unless inevitable

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