No Words Wednesday – Challenge #8

This week’s challenge on Mes Mots’ blog sent me to a memory lane to a trip to Malaysia back in 2014. Here’s my entry!

Post a picture of a BEACH or SEA! (preferably unedited) and original in nature without any caption/words/poem and let the picture speaks on its own and so readers can imagine their own interesting story of that picture.

An original, uneditted picture of Beach or Sea
Location: Langkawi Sky Bridge
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX40 HS

31 thoughts on “No Words Wednesday – Challenge #8

                1. Hey, that’s good. Personally, I find that anything below a 99 is bad in Maths, but after many many tries when I didn’t get the desired score, it started making me lose confidence. So, you know, it is good. Chill.

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                    1. See, maths is a subject in which it is possible to score 100, but is equally easily to screw one question, especially when we aim for 100. So, don’t stress over it. I know how it feels to lose even a half mark in maths, given I consider maths as my pride, but, we’ve to just keep working for it. It’s not the end. You’ll get more opportunities. But, don’t be hard on yourself for one score.

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                    2. So true. It’s as easy to lose marks as it is to get in math. I too consider math my pride which simply adds to the dissappointment here. Science and 2nd language can hopefully cover up the blunder in math. Hoping for the best. Thank you for your invigorating words and your precious valuable time. It really means a lot to me.

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                    1. I’m talking about 9th to present. I promised my maths teacher that I’ll get a 100% score, but would always screw exactly one question up. Or sometimes 2. How upset I got? My whole class would tell you better. But, I still am hoping to get it in Boards. So, don’t take it like bad. 95? That’s 95% good.

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