Why ‘Captain Marvel’ is a great watch

Yet another Marvel Studios origin film, which would again use the same old ‘Marvel Formula’. Is it worth watching, just because she’s going to have a role in Endgame? Why to even bother with this? Do I really need to spend this much money, instead of just waiting for the digital release? The reviews aren’t so great, why spend so much time?

These are some of the questions my friend asked, as I repeatedly nudged him to catch the film with me. And, somehow, I made him agree to come along, during our Board Examinations. Oh, and was he regretting all of his doubtful thoughts? You bet, yes.

Because I watched it on iMax, and got to say, fight scenes wouldn’t be as fun in a regular screen.

If you’re not a Marvel fan, and catch superhero movies once in a while, this will probably be just another superhero movie for you, just this time with a female lead. But, if you follow MCU , even if not religiously, you’re going to find a lot of scenes to hoot at, which tie in to the previous MCU movies. Watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? You’re in for a ride, which easily could but doesn’t contradicts the show.

Captain Marvel is an origin story, which has been done before, but not exactly this way. Getting superpowers from an energy blast sounds really overdone (Reminds me of Molly from Runaways). What stands out here is the way she uses her powers, and how they’re not linked to the origin story we are here to see. She’s simply badass when it comes to using her powers, and the beautifully done special affects (at par with Guardians of the Galaxy & Doctor Strange) add to the beauty of it.

The supporting characters are really well done too, especially Nick Fury with the de-aging technology throughout the run. It was good to see him in a full length role after Winter Soldier, this time with bonus of his early days at S.H.I.E.L.D.. And, ofcourse, the most talked about, Goose. She’s probably the biggest and funniest surprise element of the movie, and does the job of reminding you – Oh, yes, I’m here to watch a Marvel Studios movie..

You probably would want to stick for the post credit scenes, naturally. I won’t spoil what it is, but will just say that I’m pretty sure my friend has my nail marks on his arm as I screamed of excitement. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Something I want to point out – at no point in the movie was Carol called or referred to as Captain Marvel, which was a little strange.

The movie does a really good job in telling a well drafted story, with a lot of easter eggs and tie ins. There are a lot. It is everything you would’ve wanted it to be, and more. If you follow MCU, go and watch the movie, you won’t regret it. I’ve heard the reviews aren’t as great as Marvel usually has, but they’re reviewing the movie as it’s quality, but when it comes to being a part of MCU, you’ve to consider a lot of added factors.

Go ahead, and catch it as soon as possible, before Endgame hits theatres in a month and a half. Oh, and please be on time, because you don’t want to miss a tribute to Stan Lee in the beginning. If you’ve watched the movie, do tell me how you found it in the comments! I have another post related to Captain Marvel planned, so stay tuned by following the blog!


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  1. Ramyani Bhattacharya says:

    Watched captain marvel. Amazing film and more because I am MCU fan 😃❤️

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  2. Watched this one on Sunday and really liked it! The 90’s vibes gave me such a nostagic twinge ❤️ Though I found it a bit strange they didn’t call her Captain either.

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      I enjoyed seeing the 90s setting for a change too. It was a refreshing breather.


  3. Great review, this movie was a pleasant surprise for me too! And yeah, I screamed pretty loud too when I saw the post credit scene! 😱

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      I know, right? I knew it’ll be something from Endgame, but that? The sudden glimpse of Steve Rogers had me breathless.


  4. I don’t watch Captain Marvel movies but my elder kid does and have shared your blog link with him…

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  5. Jk Sharma says:

    Here are no any option of like and reblogg. Please! Put these options in your blog…


    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      There are options for both. Try to reload maybe.

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      1. Jk Sharma says:


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  6. Jk Sharma says:

    Amazing post… Aarnav!! I’m like very much the Captain Marvels…

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