These emotions are what make us all humans.


I’m afraid to commit again.

And I fear opening up to another person, showing them my weaknesses.

I think twice before trusting anyone, because I don’t want to go through the same misery.

I’m afraid of telling my darkest secrets to another person for the second time.

The chapter of falling in love, should be closed.

Heart-break never felt good.

But even though I’m afraid of falling in love, I miss love.

I miss it, the warmth of those bear hugs and cuddles.

The midnight conversations and all the happiness.

And the million little things I loved about him.

But, I don’t really know anymore.

Maybe what I miss are the emotions love made me feel.

Which I haven’t felt in a long time.

Because the process of falling in love with a new person, is daunting.

It’s beautiful, but toxic.

The right person may only show me the beauty…

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