Things I want from Endgame

3 hour movies are rare. And, rarer is a finale to such a huge film saga. There are a lot of expectations from it, along with a countless number of fan theories. No other movie has seen such a craze. Advanced Booking is something unheard of.

With the Premier yesterday, the reactions of critics are out. I chose not to read them until I’ve watched the movie myself on Friday evening.

Here is a list of few things I really wish are a part of Endgame:

Have the Stan Lee version of the Marvel Studios logo, just as the one in Captain Marvel.

That had resulted in almost a minute of absolute silence, which will have a much deeper meaning before an Avengers movie.

Though Thanos is defeated, he isn’t killed by the Avengers

I know many wouldn’t agree to this, but I wish Thanos sees Avengers undoing the snap in front of him, helpless. I just feel that death wouldn’t be the perfect ending to his arc.

Captain Marvel isn’t too much in the limelight.

I wrote a whole article about it here. Do check it out, and share your thoughts about it.

Captain Marvel Pager

The Avengers are defeated once again.

Infinity War was the first time the Avengers lost a battle. The extent of loss is something unseen and unimaginable. They’re desperate and ready to do whatever it takes to try and make it right. If their Plan A fails. that’ll add to the magnitude of this war they’ve to fight.

There are real, meaningful deaths.

It’s the bloody ENDGAME. This one is sure-shot thing, that there will be deaths, and a lot of them. But I hope that none of them comes easy. Each has a long lasting meaning. Heimdall was killed easy in Infinity War, so I hope nothing of that sorts happen here.

Resurrections aren’t done until late 2nd Act.

Though I absolutely want a shot with ALL the heroes in a single frame, I wish the resurrections don’t happen early on in the movie. Not too late either, but they spend an ample amount of time in acceptance of the loss, and moving on to make a plan.

Events aren’t re-written on a Days of Future Past scale.

There will be time travel, it’s for sure. I hope during that, the events aren’t written again, to the extent that most of the present movies never took place in MCU going forward.

To explore everything that Thanos lost.

Infinity War did a great job developing its villian on a human level. It would be really good to see it develop further in Endgame.

A conversation between Tony & Steve about how they shouldn’t have fought in the first place.

The Avengers lost because they had broken up. And, it is going to be a golden moment to see them together again on the screen, probably for the last time.

There is only one Post Credit Scene.

The missing post-credit scene gave us some time to breathe deep and come out of shock from what we saw on the screen. Endgame will require even more time for that.

The Post Credit Scene is not about the future MCU.

I had a full post planned about what should there be in the Post Credit scene for Endgame, but couldn’t find time to write it. The main point was that it’s not something that talks about the future of the MCU. We don’t want that yet, because we’ll need time to digest this very long adventure, before we see anything new.

The movie ends with Excelsior!

Because Stan Lee not being able to watch the movie isn’t sad enough.

Okay, these are the things on top of my head, that I really wish are in Endgame. Ofcourse, not all of it will be true. And, one thing is sure, that whatever the Russo brothers decide to show us, it will be EPIC.

It’s less than 3 days away, and the excitement couldn’t be more. To keep this excitement intact for everyone, Thanos demands your silence. Please, please don’t spoil Endgame for others, just like you don’t want it to be spoiled for you. Be safe.

Do let me know in the comments what parts of Endgame are you most excited for. Or, if there’s anything else I should’ve had in my list. Looking forward!


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