Heavens ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #185

Ahlcon International School, the place where I learnt everything, is my heaven!
Responding to the Pic and a Word Challenge:

Aarnav's Blog

After a heavy rainfall,
I look out of the window,
and see the red building
with the green grills
There are colorful swings,
and little children having the time of their lives,
wearing the same uniform I do,
reflecting my past,
coming down the slippery slides,
going ‘round on the same Merry-Go-Round
that I once enjoyed
Thanks to the rain, the building looks fresh, as if it’s newly painted
It’s just the way it was
when i first saw it-
fourteen-ish years ago, during the nursery admissions.
I was three at the time,
too young to know what’s right
Since the day I stepped foot here,
this building has felt like home.
So busy with life, I didn’t realize,
when and how
it became one.
Screenshot (470).png
Recently, I was at home for three strange weeks,
due to circumstances I couldn’t have foreseen,
I had my schoolmates by my side,
yet I…

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