It all ended with a BIG BANG!

I shouted. I clapped. I laughed. I cried.

A year and a half back, I started watching this show, while going through a tough time. I talked about it last year when Season 11 ended, on The Big Bang Love. Just like how I’ve always maintained, Big Bang Theory has a special meaning to me. It gave me support when I was low, it reignited my love for Science, it made me aspire to get a PhD someday, and it gave me friends when I was alone.

I wouldn’t refuse to agree that it was the time for the show to part ways. As Jim Parsons had said, they had chewed all the meat off the bone. And, that is true. They had shown everything they could about a group of science geeks and lack of social skills. Dragging on would be unnecessary, and brining a perfect end is important. What could be a more perfect end to the longest journey of a multi-camera sitcom, than what I just witnessed?

No, it’s not flawless. Stuart never made it on his own. Raj’s love life is still a question mark. But, other character arcs? This was the end they deserved.

There are going to be spoilers, so read ahead with caution.

If I talk about flaws first, they could’ve let Anu and Raj fall in love and marry, even if off-screen, instead of shifting Anu to London. And, last week’s episode could’ve served the purpose of making Stuart finally self-dependent too, instead of living at Wolowitz’s place. The last scene when Sheldon was asking his friends to stand during his acceptance speech could’ve been the place where we finally learn Penny’s maiden name. Other than that? What a perfection.

I never thought I’ll have tears over a speech Sheldon gave. His character development has been the best among all, where he changed so much that he himself didn’t realise. His friends deserved that speech, it was due for 12 years, and my eyes were filled with tears. It moved me.

The last episode had things we knew it will, but also things we didn’t expect. Sheldon Cooper & Amy Farrah Fowler won the Nobel Prize. Though this sub-plot got kind of stretched during the last few episodes, the ending balanced it. Penny is pregnant, much to what Leonard wanted. THE ELEVATOR WORKS, oh how beautiful! We finally get to see Halley & Micheal.

This isn’t the first time I saw the last episode of a show I deeply love, but it is the first time a show ended, which I didn’t know is going to end when I first started watching it. When I first watched Friends, I knew its going to end with Season 10. When I first started watching The Office, I knew it only has a 9 Season run. When I started this, Season 11 had barely started airing. Who knew Season 12 will be the last.

Big Bang Theory might not be as good as Friends is, because it is different. It’s not what Friends was. Yes, after watching Friends, I will admit that Big Bang did copy some themes from the classic, but they never tried to be the same thing. In my heart, it’ll have an irreplaceable place, going forward.

Thinking back, there are so many moments I deeply love, be it the Pictionary, the Shenny hugs, Soft Kitty, Shamy Proposal, The Parking Lot, The Hawking Bot, I can go on. There are just so many, I can’t list them all.

The last time ever that we see the group together, having Dinner together. This shot was supported by a reimagined acoustic version of the theme song, which I really need to get in my playlist.

The last episode isn’t heartbreaking the way Friends’ last episode was. It was, instead, a perfect farewell to the 12 year old journey these characters had on screen. Starting with Previously on the Big Bang Theory showing the first time Leonard & Sheldon met Penny, to the present and the above shot, it brought in a lot of memories I’ve had with this show.

January 2018, I woke up everyday to watch this show before doing anything. I watched another 2-3 episodes before I went to sleep. It had been my routine. Thinking about them only, I can feel everything I felt then right now in my heart. I’m going to miss this show, very very much.



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  1. Agree Big Bang not friends. But like friends it was and is shown a lot on tv and can dip in and out watching episodes out of sequence. I gave just watched first episode after seeing the finale.


  2. I used to love that show

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      What happened then?

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      1. I distance myself from things that I am attached to.

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  3. I’m taking it very slow…season 11 onwards…its already ended…but not quite ended for me! Yet to download Season 12 of TBBT

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Season 12 starts as one of the best seasons, but loses its grip later


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