Aladdin (Animated vs Live Action)

Yesterday, I catched Aladdin on a 4DX theatre. And, as some prep work, I watched the original one for the first time 2 weeks back. Disney is on a live action remake spree, and has been giving out big hits with the help of nostalgia. (My dad driving himself to an IMAX theatre for a late night show is a proof that Disney’s strategy is working.)

Just like everyone else, I love Disney, but I’ll have to confess, I got in quite late and haven’t watched most of the movies. It was March 2017 when my brother took me to watch Beauty & the Beast, simply because of lack of other options. I left the theatre mesmerised. That was the day I fell in love with Disney. Since then, I haven’t watched many but whenever I see Disney’s logo in the beginning of the film, I get a confidence that it’ll be a magical ride.

When the Disney castle appeared on the screen with beautiful 3D effects before the movie starting, all my doubts about rewatching the same story within 2 weeks vanished. It’s so beautiful! So were the 3D effects in each of the film’s sequence, making Agrabah even more mesmerising. Though I expected the cave to be a little more scary, the carpet ride was so much fun, added with the 4dx bonus! Aladdin utilized 3D effects really well. The last time I saw such a well done ReadD 3D was Beauty & the Beast, again Disney.

Aladdin was well adapted for a 2019 mind-set, changing few details from the original; which I myself found a little inappropriate when I watched the original. Subtle things were also changed, though keeping the overall story the same. And, Genie is blue here too, don’t worry. I recently watched the 3 Men in Black movies, also the first time I saw a Will Smith movie, and I got to say, his Genie was more fun than I expected.

Both the original and the remake had the same music composer, Alan Menken. But for some reason, maybe the singers, I found the songs in the new film quite more soulful. The new song at the end of the film is also a strong song to look out for. Honestly speaking, I had not liked the trailer much, and didn’t have expectations for it to be as good as the original, but when my friends and parents told me that they totally enjoyed watching it, I decided to watch it. And, oh yes, it’s so beautiful, and better than the original in many terms.

The film feels like a Bollywood movie, with bonus of Disney’s budget. The very colorful costumes, great sets, and a well utilized 3D, Aladdin becomes a movie which gives a great cinematic experience. If you’re a Disney fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this one, despite whatever Rotten Tomatoes say. It’s totally beautiful, from the cast to the direction. Everything.

*Featured Image taken from IGN


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  1. Vrunda says:

    I loved the movie! And the way you have summarised it here.. is just awesome!👌

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Thankyou! 🙂


  2. Saania2806 says:

    I loved it too 💕

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      It was a lovely movie!

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