Pride Month 2019

The month of June is celebrated as ‘Pride Month’ for the support of LGBTQ+ community. In a very short post, I want to remind everyone belonging to the community that they’re valid not only in June, but throughout the year.

This is a reminder for every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender-non conforming, asexual, agender person that you’re valid. Even if you’re in closet or are still figuring out your sexuality & gender identity, you’re still valid.

You don’t need to come out of the closet, it’s your choice. And, you’re in no kind of hurry to figure out who you are. Take as much time as you need. During the process, remember, whatever you decide – coming out or not, or about your gender/ sexuality – you don’t need other’s validation to approve who you are. No one knows you better that you do yourself, but to figure it out better, especially when you think you’re unsure, don’t hesitate in visiting therapists.

To those who’re planning to come out this Pride Month – take your time. June is just another month, you don’t have to come out this month itself. You can come out in open as and when you feel you’re ready, irrespective of what month it is. Again – people might not understand it the first time you come out, they may not automatically start using the pronouns of your choice. But this doesn’t make you any less valid. Stay Strong! By coming out, you’ll have a hard battle already fought and won.

And, I’ve a message for all cis, straight people. By telling your romantic partner that you’re gay just so you can break up easily is a disgusting way. So is coming out as gay or transgender for a prank. It’s not funny by any means. I hope all of you take time out and read about the community. It won’t be tough to find good material online. For my contribution, I had written an article last year, which might help you understand different genders and transgender people better. Trans Right are Human Rights.


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  1. Sohanpreet Kaur says:

    Nice thoughts. Last paragraph especially true.

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