BHARAT – Journey of Salman Khan & Ali Abbas Zafar together

Sultan & Tiger Zinda Hai are two blockbusters that Salman & Ali Abbas have given together. While Sultan is one of my favorite Bollywood films of all time, Tiger Zinda Hai is one of those rare movies where I was asking my dad to leave the cinema hall even before theatre. Since Kick, I’ve been a big fan of Salman Khan, and have watched his movies first day night shows, but after Tubelight, which was also his third film with the director after 2 blockbusters, I was somewhat not sure about trying the first day night show again. Never watched Race 3, watched Tiger Zinda Hai because dad wanted to, and waited for audience reactions to surface for Bharat before I watched it.

See, I LOVED the trailer of Bharat. But, I had also loved the trailer of Zero. So, after a lot consideration, I watched Bharat today morning. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t as great as Sultan was, but some parts of it were really really effective. I was sobbing the entire last half hour, more than I ever have in any movie, no kidding. But, the 2 hours before that? Um, they weren’t bad.

It’s a bummer that Priyanka Chopra left the film, because during the entire run it felt the role would’ve suited more to her than to Katrina Kaif – except in one scene in the middle which couldn’t be as beautiful as it was because of them being Salman & Katrina. Neither of these two did a great job acting their roles in majority of the movie, but Salman was surely shining in his 70 year old avatar. The one who shined throughout was Sunil Grover, totally lost in his character!

The movie promised that we’ll see the journey of a hero along with the journey of India, since independence. And, by all means, they promised a different execution. Not that this wasn’t that, it majorly revolved around Partition, but how they mentioned Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, Emergency, Manmohan Singh’s work as Finance Minister, the era of Sachin & Shahrukh, and more, had little to do with the plot. I had expected more integration of the two histories together. The 1 hour 45 minutes in the middle have a point, but still feel pointless. Those scenes, while are showing the driving plot of the film, it just doesn’t feel that way.

The music was a big down point of the film. Missing of a beautiful track like Jag Ghoomeya or Dil Diyan Gallan that this actor-director duo have given, despite having an excellent setting to place it in the movie instead of Turpeya, feels like snatching something precious. One of the best things about Sultan was its sound mixing giving constant goosebumps by the title track playing in the background. With such an amazing track Zinda, composed & written by the director himself, I was expecting that integration here too, but alas, it was absent. Moreover, there were full fledged songs every half-hour for 4-5 minutes, something that was very common in Bollywood till few years back, but now is just distraction. They were unrequired, way too long, and not really even that melodious or well choreographed to enjoy.

Overall, it is not a bad film, but it isn’t as good as I wanted it to be either. The beginning & the ending is really really emotional, while the rest is what you’ll expect from a Salman Khan movie. A one time watch.


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  1. Ishan says:

    Nice article mate.. but was the music of Bharat a negative point? I don’t think so..
    Ya the trailer of the movie was fantastic..

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Yes, the music was a big let down, and nothing but distraction from the plot.


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