Those Dreadful Wednesdays

How could she say that I was the one who changed,
When I still love her the same?
If not the three magical words,
Then what were her eyes trying to say?
Even as she was fighting with me,
Why did she ask me to drive safely?
Then when I did get injured, why wasn’t she even slightly worried?

I couldn’t understand her love,
Yet I never questioned it.
The glitter in her eyes used to tell me a lot,
So did the thousand words that her smile hid.
I check on her often, thanks to her public profile,
Seeing her happy with my replacement, now makes me smile.

It’s been 365 days, since that dreadful Wednesday,
We were looking forward for a celebration,
Instead, broke apart, just as we got some appreciation.
All the love, and the promises were forgotten,
When I had to ask her, whether we’re now two or still one.

She didn’t know, but her confusion was an answer itself,
Next dreadful Wednesday, for no mistake of mine, she yelled.
Maybe she felt bad that I shared my pain with another friend,
But, she said she can’t hear me talk again.
Out of senses, the brain was decrypting this puzzle,
Out of my will, the accident got me to a hospital.

There I lied, wanting to talk to her, despite unconscious,
After a lot of request, I saw her in a blue dress.
All I can remember is her smile, which was, was it pure?
Doubts arise, as “I’ll call you everyday.” were the last words I heard.
I wish I could remember the details of those days,
But the pain killer disagree.
All I did was to listen to ‘Pehli Baar‘ again and again on TV.

Without phone, laptop or internet by any means,
I waited to go back to school for 3 weeks,
My friends here, came frequently to meet me.

I wouldn’t have done it without these peeps,
Who supported me at every step of this journey.

Another two weeks later, it was again a dreadful Wednesday,
When I learnt, with whom I was replaced.
Feeling uneasy, I just asked it aloud,
The guy she hated has been her best friend for long.
It still feels like an arrow in my heart,
Slowly, even that guy & I went apart.

I tried and talked to her again, on the day of Farewell,
Her indifference ruined the comfort I felt.
For a moment, I again felt that our bond was stronger than others’,
But, I shrugged it off, looking at the friends who’ve stuck by me, unlike her.

Once broken, the heart can’t be healed,
But with time, it can get easy.
I’m going to a really good college, after fighting the battle of constant physiotherapy,
Meanwhile, she also topped the school in her stream.
My best friend, who’s always stuck by me, believes in Karma,
She says, it all will come back to her one day,
And then, from a higher ground, we’ll enjoy that drama.


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  1. I hate to admit that I can totally relate to this poem. Yes, it hurts like hell when the person with whom you used to discuss your whole day would not even look at you anymore. I am sorry I am going off track here. 🙁. One thing I learnt is that TIME HEALS. This is a beautiful poem❤. It gives me strength and I hope it gives strength to all those who read it because people do leave but we cannot stop living.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Yes, it does heal! Infact, something I learnt from today’s experience again.. facing them again heals you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sid says:

    Wow! This is a really good and unique way to write a poem + tell a story. Great work there💙💙👍. Also, some friends do stick by our side no matter what. 😍


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