The Real Farewell – A Friendship Day Special

Dil Chahta Hai, hum na rahe kabhi, yaaro ke bin.

A special day – one of the best. Wanted to write about it for some days, found the opportunity today. Here’s the 12 hours I spent with friends on 10th July, 2019.

Not a lot of weeks back, I started a day at 11 AM.
Sharp at 12, we met at the metro station,
off to CP, to visit the bookstores,
Having a bite at Wenger’s, and taking rest at the H&M store.
Oxford has a great collection, but the book I wanted was missing,
OM Book Store had a Diagon Alley feeling.

After buying books, we needed a quite library to sit,
But her heels, weren’t as enthusiastic.
We headed to the café, where others were supposed to join us,
The early wickets of India were unnecessary fuzz.
Believing in Dhoni, we ordered drinks to celebrate the victory,
The loss, heartbreaking, added on to our day’s memory.
We weren’t drunk, but it felt like a lucid dream,
The huge bill brought us back to reality!

We knew it’s the last get-together for now, everyone’s leaving for college,
Saying goodbye, we clicked pictures & exchanged hugs,
We all were going to the best colleges, and we were all proud of each other,
After all, we had BITSians & an IITian among us!
As we headed to the car, we had an ice-cream craving,
Hence, we drove ahead, to the India Gate.

We didn’t know, our most memorable night had just began,
As we took our time, with no intention of returning home early night.
Where do we go? Let’s switch GPS off, and turn on the road we like.
Playing the album of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, we were avoiding our parents’ calls,
Searching for ways to delay, to postpone, ending this ride.

We took a small stop at Akshardham Temple, to spend some time out in the breeze,
The night look, and the running traffic, and the people we were with, it was like sewing ourselves a long lasting memory.
Later, getting stuck in traffic, and other small hurdles were enjoyable too,
But we finally dropped off at homes, promising to meet again soon.


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