Vidyamandir Classes: Gurukul of JEE Coaching, NOT a factory!

Have you been a CBSE Science Student? Yeah? Then you’ve probably also been to a JEE or NEET coaching. And, if your rank is greater than 20k, there’s a huge probability that you even regretted joining it. We’ve seen several web-series about these coachings – Laakhon Mein Ek, or more recently, The Kota Factory. In both of these shows, we see the discrimination between different batches, and the students struggling to cope up with the pressure of the competition. What if I tell you there exists a JEE coaching which has the same teachers and content in all its batches, and has not one but many Jeetu Bhaiyyas? Well, I’ve been to one such coaching. And, even though I didn’t get into an IIT, I regret not a day I spent in VMC.

I joined Vidyamandir in 9th for a four year course. In these four years, I’ve attended classes in all kinds of batches, sometimes even the same class twice or thrice until I fully grasped the concepts of that topic. And, I really used to love that even if I missed my class in the top batch, the content used to be exactly same in the batches I attended as an adjustment. Or, when I would be retaking any class, I could just add on to the notes I already made, because the new ones would pretty much be identical.

Help will always be given at hogwarts to those who ask for it


After 4 years, I can say with full surety that this is absolutely true. Actually, even the real purpose of me writing this post. I’ve talked about my school days several times on my blog, but before I started my college, I also wanted to thank everyone at VMC who helped me with my doubts and other issues. Be it Deepraj Bhaiyya teaching Ionic Equilibrium again in a few hours, or Shirshendu Bhaiyya helping me get all the notes of the lectures I missed, by teaching them live! Or, be it Mayank Bhaiyya who helped me attend the missed lectures of Organic in the dropper’s batch, or Sukrit Bhaiyya who allowed me to attend his lectures, than in my batch. Or, Amit Bhaiyya, who helped me with my silly doubts of Maths again and again, without ever complaining, and taught me Integration in a way that I was able to complete my manual at the same time, and never found it tough. Atul Bhaiyya helped me slowly get back to studies when I was supposed to have a break mid-12th due to medical reasons, and Vaibhav Bhaiyya acted as a real good mentor. Jitin Bhaiyya taught me practically the entire course of Physics in such a step-wise procedure, that whatever the question be, you knew how to tackle it, while Sidharth Bhaiyya made Modern Physics so fun that the concepts won’t ever be forgotten. Ravinesh Bhaiyya’s ‘Chocolate problems’ used to be fun (& tough) to crack, but his friendly nature never made Chemistry classes a stress.

I’m really sorry if I forgot someone, but I’m really thankful to each and everyone in the VMC Anand Vihar team, including the coordinators, Praveen Bhaiyya, Arvind Bhaiyya, Suresh Bhaiyya, and more, to help me enjoy my preparation of JEE, keeping it stress-free, even after I thought the 2 month break can’t be coped with. Though my JEE rank has not been as good as I wanted or worked for, thank you for believing that I still can, when I didn’t.

I’ve seen the students of other coachings working tirelessly under high stress, relying on different publishers, and being sleep-deprived. In VMC, I had such good notes in my hands, along with such study material, which when completed, was more than enough for that chapter. Once completed, you had the confidence of being able to solve any question of Advanced from that chapter. And, with the structured course into type of classworks, VMC even helped me develop an ability of self-study, which I’m sure is going to help me loads as college starts.

I used to come every other morning, and sit in any of the cabins or classrooms to study, because the vibe there used to be really something that would encourage you to study hard. Plus, being able to discuss it with the fellow students there, or the teachers then itself, it used to benefit a lot. You could always approach any teacher who’s there, regardless your batch, and understand where you’re stuck.

I learnt much more than just Physics, Chemistry & Maths in these 4 years. I learnt how to tackle problems, not limited to the subjects. Young teachers were a plus point, because they understood where you’re facing an issue better, not limited to the JEE prep. Next week, I’m joining the City University of Hong Kong for an engineering programme, and I’m 100% confident that a lot of what I learnt in these 4 years – not only academics – is going to help me in the next 4 years.

Thankyou, Vidyamandir, for not being a factory which focuses only on the rankers!


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