IT: First Horror Movie & First Time outside India

PVR is the best!

I can’t stress this enough. I’ve about 3 posts on my love for PVR, but till date I had only compared it to cinema chains in India. Now, I’m speaking after being to one of the best cinema chains in Hong Kong, for a really expensive price, and finding the hall to be one with the least amount of cinematic experience that can be offered. Even the screens in India which I stopped visiting are better than this. Not only the screen was way too small, it wasn’t even centrally aligned in the front wall! The seats were way too uncomfortable – though the leg space was decent. Oh, if I were taller, the shadow of my head would be visible on the screen!

But, okay, for the first time in a non-4DX theatre, there was no interval – which is great!

So, without doubt, PVR is offering movie experiences which stand on an international level. Wave or Cinepolis are yet to match PVR for that in India, but are still better than what I visited yesterday.

NOT FOR KIDS! (Or even immature audience)

Let’s talk about the movie now. I’m a person who doesn’t believe in most R-Ratings. Like, Deadpool can be enjoyed by someone who’s 14 or 15. Logan was violent, but it’s okay if a 16 year old is watching it. Infact, even IT: Chapter 1 can be watched by a 16 year old. But, this? Absolutely no. Not because of the jump scares, if you just tell yourself that next 10 seconds will make you scream – you won’t scream at all. I ended up laughing in fact, and this was my first horror movie on the big screen (Stree doesn’t count.)

This one was much, much more violent – and the nature of violence immature audience must not be watching. Not because they can’t take it – but because they won’t understand the nature of it. The kids in the first part grew up, therefore, just wait to grow up yourself before watching this. (Maybe, wait for 27 years!)

Anyway, this one was much more scarier than the first part, but a really satisfactory watch, despite the long length. Story was good, acting was even better. Worthy sequel to the previous film. I haven’t read the original novel by Stephen King, so I can’t compare it to the book, but as a movie, it’s great! I would recommend you to revise the first one though, it’ll help. I was quite confused in the beginning, even though I had watched Chapter 1 only a month back.


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