The Chat

Why do I remember this date so vividly?
The chat we had at this hour in 2017.
Has it really been a full year since?
And that conversation has reduced to nothing.
Looking around my room,
It feels too small to contain the conversations I’ve had in it.
My heart carries the weight, everyday
of the unfinished promises we made.
Thinking about each of our fights,
it comes down to how we solved them every night.
It’s beautiful to think,
How genuine that smile was,
& slowly against what we said on this day,
it faded away.
You had asked, if we’re still friends.
I assured you, small fights ain’t bringing it to an end.
There were sorry-s, there were thankyou-s,
And it started another phase among us two.Few months down the lane,
I remembered those events from this beautiful chat.
While you forgot it, and returned to the ugly aspect.
Santa gifted me you last year,
But, I ask him this year, to gift me back a piece of myself.

I wrote this on 26th December, 2018. Came across this today, and I wasn’t sure if I had posted it before. That chat still resides in my archived notes, while the number stays blocked.


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