JOKER – Put On A Happy Face


No, guys, this was everything but a comedy film. And, yet, I had to control myself once the film ended so I don’t laugh too loudly, continuously. I’m not sure which genre this belongs to. Was it a comic-book film? Can’t believe that. It’s unreal. A thriller? I did have Goosebumps for at least 20 more minutes after the movie ended. Action? There was blood, but not that kind.

I think, I know it. It’s Joker. That has to be a genre in itself. A movie about the Mental Health of a classic comic book villain, what else can you call it, but a Joker movie.

I thought my life was a tragedy, but now I realise it was a comedy.

I love movies about Jokers. Especially when they’re villains. Their psychology, every single time. Be it IT, be it Joker, be it any other clown. When it comes to their characterisation, it can never go wrong. Battling depression, they don’t forget to smile to make others laugh. What happens when you mix that with a classic villain? From what I believe, an Academy Award happens.

Heath Ledger’s Joker was the best portrayal of the villian, but Joaquin Phoenix’s is the best portrayal of the character of Joker. There’s a difference in that, and that is what makes this a very different DC movie, unlike we’ve ever seen, and something I doubt can be made again.

I’m thankful of that one person who stood up and started to clap once the film ended, because the entire theatre needed something for getting them to stop staring the screen, realise the movie has ended, and give a standing ovation, unanimously. Been 2 hours, equivalent to how long the movie was, but the heart beat is yet to calm down.

Not for younger audience though. Again, it’s got 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio, so please go and witness it in IMAX. Refer to this article to understand better. One more thing I love about IMAX: The Quality is same all over the world! Oh, and, you’re going to love the 80s look of it!

If you’ve watched the movie, I’d love if you could give me some words in the comments, because I really am more speechless about this movie than I’ve been for any other.

According to me, it’s the film of the year.


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