7 Years of Varun-Alia aka Varia; A Fan Letter

Dear Varun & Alia,

7 years ago, today, I was in a PVR Gold seat in Bangalore, watching Student of the Year. Being a kid, I barely understood the film, infact, I was largely confused between who’s Rohan & who’s Abhimanyu. But, that day I returned being a fan of two of the students, whom, 7 years later, can easily be called the Students of the Decade. Was that Rohan’s innocence or Shanaya’s style, I don’t know. But, whatever it was, it did a magic on this 10 year old’s heart. Less than 2 years later, my parents took me for a very wholesome comedy, Main Tera Hero. My first reaction was – “Arre, ye toh Student of the Year me bhi tha!” I laughed throughout the film, and since have tuned to it whenever it’s been on TV. Around the same time, I read high praises for the new star kid, Alia Bhatt, for her performances in Highway & 2 States. I didn’t watch those films for a long time, but I did watch Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania. That day, I became a fan for life of seeing you 2 together. Since then, I’ve watched Badrinath ki Dulhania a day before my 10th Class Math CBSE Board & Kalank first day-first show.

Varia! It is an emotion. Your chemistry on screen not only beats SRK-Kajol, but it’s your real life chemistry, which is even more adorable. Be in an award show, a movie promotional event, or even an instagram comment, it shouts how much you two love to work with each other. It might be Alia sitting on Varun’s lap:

Or vice-versa:

I rated this to be the 2nd best episode of that season, because, simply your chemistry can never go wrong.

This isn’t all. You can’t miss any chance you get to lift the other and make us go awe:

2 years back, on a trip to Singapore, I carefully chose a hotel which was near to where you shot Badrinath ki Dulhania, and listened to Humsafar & Roke Na Ruke Naina as I stood near the river, looking at the apartment.

The way you two support each other in public speaks a lot for your friendship, and we as audience see it translating beautifully & naturally on the screen. Badrinath ki Dulhania remains to be one of my top 5 films till date simply because of your on-screen chemistry.

People judge me when I say this, but I loved Kalank. Unfortunately, it was a debacle on the box office, and I’ve been missing Alia’s morning selfies on Instagram since. But, I loved the hard work both of you had put in it, and delivered a product I was hoping it would be.

Only 4 movies in together, you’ve given the industry one of the best songs we’ve had – Samjhawan, Humsafar, Kalank Title Track and so many more. Dance numbers aren’t that behind either – Saturday Saturday, Aashiq Surrender Hua, and ofc, Badrinath ki Dulhania Title Track (a step I would be doing right now due to nostalgia, had I not been in middle of library).

Kalank was one of your first failures, and given your hard-work & the hype surrounding it, it ofcourse hit you both hard. But, through this letter, I want to remind you that your fans still love you just as much. We’re excited for all the projects you both are working on individually, but we just can’t wait to see you both together again on screen!

A fan who’s waiting for Badri & Vaidehi to re-unite!


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  1. royalemysore says:

    The celebs are lucky to have a fan like you 😃

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    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Hahah 😍❤️


  2. Seems like you’re a big fan ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aarnav Gupta says:

      Big & loyal, yes.

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