Diwali Night – Dancing

This weekend, it was Diwali Night in my university. And, guess what? I gave a dance performance! It was a group performance on some Hindi songs, but a big step for me.

Before I got up on the stage, I was very nervous. I have never voluntarily danced in front of an audience before, and seeing such a big crowd was making me anxious. But, some magic happened the moment I kept my foot on the stage. In that one second I had before the tune changed, I looked at the audience, scanned the faces. I saw a lot of international people, who wouldn’t know the meaning of the lyrics, and are there just to witness how the biggest Indian festival is like. I thought about what I want them to see, uncoordinated steps or the energy Indians and their music has. Somehow this thought got me all the confidence I needed.

I wasn’t closing my eyes on the stage anymore, unlike what I had planned. Suddenly, I was enjoying myself, very much. The audience’s cheering was boosting my confidence, and it all went well!

Indeed a Whole New World!

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Loud music, flickering lights, and a positive ambience results in bunch of humans dancing in a group, somehow choreographed well, without being choreographed at all. It’s random dance, they’re just following what the DJ plays. The music is loud enough that they’re all also singing it on top of their voice without being audible, until DJ suddenly drops the volume to hear the crowd.

Here’s something about me – I never dance. Maybe sometimes under shower, while singing to myself, but never in public. Sure, I’ve tried Zumba & Aerobics, and those are good. But this random dancing in a party turns out to be the most scary thing I’ve ever been asked to do – and also something I’ve avoided so far.

School’s farewell, friend’s birthdays, or just any other celebration, you can always spot me in one corner, watching them all dance, but I’m enjoying myself.

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