A Movie Therapy – Dear Zindagi (3 Years!)

Don’t let the past, blackmail your present, to ruin a beautiful future!

A Shahrukh Khan film declared hit at a total box office collection of 94.6Cr? A Shahrukh Khan film being released at only 1200 screens? What if I tell you that producers didn’t want to release it in more screens? Yes. Dear Zindagi had an exclusive multiplex release, rightly so, being a niche film. With a very small budget, it isn’t entirely even correct to call it a Shahrukh Khan film. It’s an Alia Bhatt film, from first scene to the very last. There’s no male lead either, just a special appearance by Shahrukh Khan for a special role, something Bollywood hadn’t seen till now.

Dear Zindagi title card

The movie is about a young girl, about 20 years old, who’s passionate about filmmaking, and is successfully pursuing it. But, when her personal life gets in middle of her dream project, it becomes difficult for her to deal with the situation, and starts seeking help from a therapist. The movie is about her falling in love with her life, and getting over her insecurities, and just learn many different lessons along the way!

I’ve always been an Alia Bhatt fan, but it was the simplicity of the teasers/takes that were released, which made me want to watch the film.

Tell me, why wouldn’t I watch 2 of the best talents playing Kabaddi with the ocean or cycling around in Goa?

Or listen to my favorite actress cracking poorest of the jokes?

All these takes which were released had a very different vibe, nothing like what I’ve ever seen. The background music, or just the locations, or whatever it was, it felt positive! Only 5 such takes were released for the movie, not even a trailer. The movie wasn’t made to break box office records, so the producers were totally relying on how good their product is.

And, their product was good enough for being my #2 favorite movie, right after 3 idiots. Just like 3 idiots, repeat watching of this film gave me strength during my difficult time. It taught me several lessons, which I don’t want to go into at the moment. And, it has successfully been able to make me sob every single time I watch it during a particular scene.

The movie is very powerful in many different ways. It talks about sibling relationships, parent-child relationships, friendships & romantic relationships; while keeping a not-a-straightforward career at the centre of it, joining all of it through therapy sessions, during which, not all rules are obeyed.

Alia & Shahrukh on Goa Beach in Dear Zindagi

I can go on and talk about the themes & lessons of this movie in detail, but doing so would be unjustified to how beautifully & effortlessly the movie presents it. The dialogues, and the songs can’t be translated here on a blog. All I’ll say is that if you haven’t watched this movie, watch it now! It’s a timeless film. And, if you have, comment your views down in the comment box!

Alia Bhatt in Goa in Dear Zindagi - Love You Zindagi

Kyu na hum iss darr hi ko, once and for all, bye bol de? Kyu na zindagi se hi karke, wapas zindagi se mulaqat kar le?

Goa Beach Alia Bhatt Dear Zindagi

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  1. Suruchi says:

    Love this movie too…well written piece.. every time the movie has a lot to teach.

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