JEE 2020: Learn from my mistakes

The most scary time of the life is about to come for so many of you in a few days. At present, my Twitter & YouTube feed is filled with videos about tips for JEE Mains 2020 (January), thanks to everything I followed during my days of JEE prep. On seeing those, I feel a different kind of chills within me, as I’m reminded of the day I gave my exam. Just a year back, I sat for my JEE Mains, along with Boards & other entrances, and somehow it’s already the time for my juniors to sit for the same.

I’m writing this to wish you all best of luck for this period of back to back exams, and the pressure that comes with it. And, also to give some tips that I learnt from my own mistakes. I had prepared for JEE for over 4 years, and very frankly, was able to screw it up, despite giving everything I could to perform well. But, I knew what mistakes I made, and I’m writing this so you could benefit from it and not repeat them.

I consider this one the most important, because when panic took over my brain during the April sitting, it got so bad that I couldn’t solve a simple Series-Parallel question. All I could do was cry – in the middle of the exam hall – while asking for more rough sheets. Whenever you seem to panic – just breathe. Close your eyes, and count to 10. Know that it can go well only if you keep your calm. Keep aside the pressure of the exam, and your own expectations of marks, and just focus on the questions in front of you. Give your best, and don’t think of the marks. Don’t count how many questions you’ve done, and how many more you need to do in order to score what you want to, it doesn’t work that way. Do what you know, try what you don’t, and skip which you have no idea about, when negative marking is involved.

With there being several JEE Mains exams in January, don’t ask your friends what they had in their question paper before you give your own. NTA sets question papers very differently, and knowing the difficult questions at the end moment will cost you your confidence. Moreover, don’t talk to other exam takers before the exam starts, even if you’re seated quite early. Use that time to chant something that calms you, or meditate.

With so less days left for the exam, please don’t try to start a new chapter, regardless how small it might be. Go through inorganic again, and focus on NCERT than trying out tough questions. And, if you have any confusions or doubts, or anything in your mind, talk to your mentors/ teachers, not your friends. Especially not those who probably have the same thing going on in their head. It feels fun and relaxing to discuss , but unknowingly, it’ll cause you anxiety.

And, the last thing I have to say, whatever you’ll score certainly depends on what you’ve done in the last 2/3/4 years, but these last few days can make all the difference. Don’t be nervous about the new pattern, that wouldn’t matter if you know your concepts well. But, what you do in the next few days is something you should carefully plan. Take out time to breathe fresh air. Meditate and eat healthy. Focus on the exam, and not on how you’ll celebrate after it’s done.

This is a video by one of my mentors, Mr. Shobhit Gupta, who runs Vidyamandir Classes, Anand Vihar & Ghaziabad branch. Listening to him has always been motivating. Do watch this, and follow what he says, it’ll be helpful.

All the best!


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  1. Suruchi says:

    Brilliant and true words..Just what’s required

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