Love, Victor!

We all watched “Love, Simon” win hearts in 2018, as a major studio made a film around high school about a person, our age, understanding his sexual orientation, and facing many more hurdles. It wasn’t outright a rom-com involving two men, but more of a character study of Simon, Blue and his friends.

This show picks up 2 years after the movie, with fresh faces and characters. Victor’s journey is noway similar to Simon’s, but the complex emotions he processes are. With Simon there to guide him through text, we see Victor discover himself while making his own choices according to his situation. In the 10 episodes, he learns more about himself and starts to understand himself better. Along with him, we also see the characters around him grow, with their own individual arcs, into better versions of themselves.

Supported by a beautiful soundtrack (I added more than 20 songs to my playlist), each episode, just 30 minutes long, engages you fully. It’s funny, it’s emotional, and it also has its nail-biting moments.

For the Pride Month 2020, this is the show I recommend. For everyone who cried with Simon in 2018, this is a show for you.


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