Never Have I Ever enjoyed a rom-com series this much!?!

The thing I liked the most was how rare it is to find a series centered on a minority in American culture. Moreover, it being an Indian family, it was easily a must watch! I was waiting for a long time, having heard that Mindy Kaling was making a show for Netflix, but somewhere I think it wasn’t marketed well, because I heard nothing on the social media channels when it released! Given how much #Extraction was marketed by @netflix_in, I would expect them to market this just as well too, given the strong connection it has to the Indian community.
Anyways, having watched it, I have to say, the characters were well written, and the narration was super-duper fun. It also got out some emotions, despite being very light to watch. The ending has got me even more curious for Season 2, it was easily the most interesting ‘that’ I’ve ever seen.

Though I’d point out I would’ve enjoyed it a bit more if the family was allowed to speak regional language to some extent, especially in the scenes where one would most definitely use their mother tongue. Extraction doing that made it more natural, and at certain points the fake English accent just wasn’t suiting to gravity of the scene. There are always subtitles & narration to help out those who don’t understand the language, & it would’ve made it much more true to the real world.
Also, I can’t help but point out the high level of similarities it shares with #DiaryOfAFuturePresident, the @disneyplus original that released earlier this year?
Spoiler alert for both series:
1. Centered on a family who belong to a minority in America
2. Single working mother
3. Teen girl protagonist who’s
3a. Very much into getting good grades
3b. Would never admit her mistake
3c. Acts as a jerk & expects other person to apologize.
3d. Prioritizes a guy she has a crush on over her best friend, resulting in a ‘friend break’.
3e. Fought with her mother.
3f. Wants to be popular in school/try it all.

Both shows are simple & positive, & it was like watching that show all over again, but for high school. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway, if you like rom-coms, RECOMMENDED!


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