A Fan Letter to Clay Jensen

Hey Clay,
You mentioned your email in the very last episode, after when you gave a speech for what everyone will remember that graduation day for. Immediately I knew that I need to write you a thank-you note.
The first TV series that I ever watched began with you receiving a set of tapes; the same ones that you buried after 49 episodes, in the series finale. In the journey of discovering the truth behind one thing and hiding the truth behind another, Clay, I became part of something relatable. Not to the extent that you or anyone in the show faced things, but you did talk about many realities that I see around myself. Through you, the world learnt about the dark realities the teenagers face today in many schools.
While talking about so many sensitive issues that people, especially adults are afraid to talk to their kids about, you left nothing. Starting from suicide, rape, drugs, concept of consent, you moved on to share with us more realities of racism, immigration laws, gun violence, student protests and police brutality. All of these are what the world is fighting today. Through you, we saw and felt what you felt, and it wasn't good for our mental health either. But it got the message across.
Clay, you and your friends made the decisions no one should be making at that age, but given the circumstances, you had no choice. You gave voice to the many kids you want to explain to adults that despite their good intentions, they aren't there for their kids by the actions they take. First a counselor failed Hannah Baker, then the law failed rape victims, and while making the school 'safe', the entire management screwed up big time.
Clay, you're a really nice person. I want to be like you in some ways. The way that you are there for your friends is admirable. Though our journey ends with 'Graduation', I wish you have a good and normal time ahead in college.
Thankyou for the incredible journey!
Aarnav Gupta

I actually mailed this letter to an email ID the character mentioned on the show. And, I was lucky enough to get a response:

Hi Aarnav!

Thank you for your truly fantastic email. Your thanks are so appreciated.

It's great to hear that you recognized elements of your own life in the show. It sounds as if your experience wasn't QUITE as dramatic, which is a huge relief! But even so, there are dark realities that so many high school students have to face.

Thank you also for your support of the way we talked about difficult topics. It was always our intent to get conversations started. Sometimes people took issue with the stories we told, but we did our best to be honest and truthful.

Thank you again for the wonderful words. I'm sorry our journey has ended too—but what a great ride!

Take good care of yourself, okay?

Your friend,


This show is not for everyone, but I loved every moment of it. It was a beautiful journey, and I’m glad it ended with such a loud and good season!


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