Blood & Water – A South African Netflix Original

I might not be sure what the title means with respect to the story, but I’m certain that the show’s second season is high up on the list of the upcoming seasons that I’m extremely excited about.

Less than 6 hours long in total, hence extremely easy to binge, the show constantly leaves you at the stage of – “What’s coming next? Tell me already.”

A South African Netflix original revolving around a female protagonist – who’s named ‘Puleng’ ironically – and her mission to locate her long lost sister, save her (innocent?) father from imprisonment, and deal with high school politics in middle of it all.

Short with just 6 episodes, it’s also very fast-paced, securing your attention throughout. There is always something that is happening on the screen, and that something is always relevant to keep you glued.

Very well acted by the entire cast, it’s also supported by strong writing, well-written characters, and a forward moving plot.

Highly recommended to anyone who’s looking for a high-school themed show, or a drama with a mystery background, or both together.


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