Delhi – Raat din yahaan shor sharaaba!

Delhi. The city I was born in, and the city I grew up in. Delhi is known for it’s share of bad things – pollution; abusive language; traffic jams; and a lot more.
But I love Delhi. It’s a city with rich history, dating back to the Mughal era. It’s true that from any point in the city, you can be out of it within an hour, but within that hour, you’ll also be able to witness some remarkable architectural designs, be it British Connaught Place or Mughal Humayun’s Tomb. We have Khan Market, & also Bengali Market. And, ofcourse, we also have Chandni Chowk & its food.

“Raat din yahaa shor sharaba”
Delhi might not have a nightlife like Goa or Mumbai do, but it’s still a very happening city. If you go out early in the morning, you’ll find people feeding pigeons, later you’ll find people rushing to thier offices, or arguing in the middle of the road, and during late evening, you’ll see the city and its people decorated, ready for weddings. At 2 AM, when you return from a party, you can trust 92.7 FM to make your drive beautiful with the nostalgic hit songs.

I can not talk about Delhi without mentioning its food. Sunday subah Chawri Bazaar ki puri, ya late night Alkauser pe khade hoke kebab. Pahadganj ke Chur Chur naan, ya early morning driving to Murthal. The list is endless, however much I write, there will be something I missed. Every Delhite is a natural foodie, and every one of them is currently dying to go out and eat.

We miss the life that Delhi was, the plans that we had for the summer, everything being nil due to COVID.
I miss Kareem’s, I miss CP, I want to go to the Khan Market or Hauz Khas, and drive with friends upto Murthal. I want to go out and eat outside food. Momos and Gol Gappe are two things every Delhite is starving for now.

We also have extreme weathers. If anyone plans to visit Delhi sometime, I’d love to welcome you to the city during Navratras, so you get to witness the colors of Ramleela around the city. You won’t understand the Delhi vibe in a day, but you’ll take hundreds of memories back. And you’ll look for this vibe in your city.

Delhi has many flaws. It’s not perfect, infact it’s not even a safe city. But, it’s a city we all love. ❤️


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