Sushant Singh Rajput: Living in our Memories

It’s been more than a month from when the tragic news reached us. From when you took the unfortunate step.
Since that day, I have had many failed attempts in penning this down.

I don’t know what led you to take that step. We, as a society, make it very hard for celebrities to have a private life, which I find wrong. Hence, I don’t even want to find out what made you take that decision. But, at the same time, I wish for justice to he served. To you, to your family, your friends and to your memories. Be it a CBI enquiry or a police investigation, I hope they get to the depth of it.

It’s incredibly rare to find someone so passionate about science to make a successful career in films. You were probably the most relatable person in bollywood. One who gave and studied for JEE just like the thousands of us. Studied engineering from DTU, out of passion. That’s something that immediately earns my respect.

Not a lot of people who start as TV actors are able to make such a successful transition to the theatres, the way you did. I always saw you as the next Shahrukh Khan, and I wish you had stayed long enough for that to come true. In just few years, you left a mark on the audience’s heart with all your performances. Your smile was undoubtedly the best thing about Kedarnath. Infact, it’s the best thing each time you come on screen. Maybe Chhichhore was so effortlessly amazing because you were just acting out your life at DTU. The song, Chaar Kadam, became so special because of the magic in your eyes.

Dil Bechara releases tomorrow. I will be watching it on the same day. But, I am not sure if I have the strength in me to watch this tragic film after the real-life tragedy.

There are a lot of things I wish could be undone. I want to thank you, Sushant, for being so brave for so long. You will always live on in everyone’s memories. Dil Bechara won’t be the last we see from you, because you inspired thousands of Indians, who will continue to look upto you to be like you.

We miss you.


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