A Celebration of Music from Coco

Coco is probably one of the best films made by Pixar. My personal favorite animated film of all time. If you’ve watched the film, you very likely have also cried near the end when “Remember Me” plays, and probably also danced a little on “Un Poco Loco”.

There were a lot of artists who worked behind the first ever Pixar musical to make it so magical. The Spanish/ Mexican touch that they brought to the film and the songs contributed largely on making it so beautiful from the beginning till the end.

In April 2020, Disney released a special concert, dedicated to celebrating the music from the film, on Disney+. The concert, which I strongly wish I could’ve attended live in-person, transported me back to everything that I felt in the movie. Seeing the singers perform of the beautifully decorated stage was an exquisite feeling.

I recommend watching the concert just to appreciate the talent who worked on the film. And, also to love the music and the lyrics from the film a little bit more than before. Watch it to hear them compose the same music on stage – as the audience cheers for them, which gives you goosebumps. And, watch it because it must’ve been a while since you re-visited this beautiful movie.


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