Almost? Almost.

Yet again, it stopped at an 'almost'.
Just like the thousand times we've started over,
Laughed, shared, and came closer,
Hoped for longing and belonging,
But everytime stopped at an 'almost'. Something that was 'almost' a relationship.
Sometime we were 'almost' together forever.
Somewhere we were 'almost' lost with each other.
Some place that we 'almost' discovered.
Some peak that we 'almost' climbed.

The word, 'Almost' is made of 'am' & 'lost',
And that's what I am, everytime we drift apart.
I 'am lost', I 'am lost' looking for you.
Looking for you in the forest and in the sea;
In the city, or on the beach;
Looking for your essence in the books I read;
Hoping that it wasn't your last 'almost' with me.

Somehow, life 'always' makes our paths cross once more,
The one thing we can rely on to be 'always' and not 'almost'.
Unless that's also an 'almost' we've 'almost' reached,
Even if we have, I'll 'always' keep looking for you till eternity.

Because it's you, I love these 'almost' moments too.
But since it's you, I wish it didn't have to end without you.

We dive, we jump, we run, we travel,
And we suddenly disappear.
Don't even take the time to say goodbye,
Being 'almost' sure that we'll run into each other here or there.

I'll see you tomorrow, and we'll gaze the starts all night.
Next week, we'll go on a treck, and reach the heights.
Next month, we'll have a cup of coffee at Central Perk.
Next year, we'll again fall in love.

Let's end this trail of 'almost'-s,
And admit that we're made for the other.
Enough of walking opposite ways,
It's time to make 'almost' our 'always'.
There is no one like you, nor there will be.
With you, 'almost' is my destiny.

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  1. Suruchi says:

    This is almost perfect!


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