Agents of SHIELD will (not) be back in a moment!

Just watched, the series finale, to what is probably, the best TV series I’ve ever watched.
Agents of SHIELD.
It’s a highly underrated TV show, just because the first few episodes were lame. What people overlook is how the show changed their own game after The Winter Soldier released. And how, each season, they kept on taking the bold risks, which always worked.

Season 1 of this show is very different from Season 2 or 3, which are largely different from Season 4, & Season 5 is nothing like what came before. Season 6, a little low zone. But Season 7 aka the final season? Something that neither they had tried doing before nor we can think of anyone else doing this. Maybe except Christopher Nolan.

They’ve come a very long way since they began. Every step they took was on the top most stair of the ladder, but they never stopped climbing.

Yes, I just dared to compare this show with Nolan, because that’s how good it is. If you choose to watch it, and stick with it, you’ll see how it’s everything that Interstellar was, but even more intelligent.

Are you a Marvel fan? Then this show is for you.
Do you like characters with superpowers? You probably want to check out Agents of SHIELD.
Are you a sci-fi fanatic? Then this show is tailor-made for you.
Looking for good time travel or inter-dimensional stories? Wait for Agents of SHIELD S05 & 7.
Want to know background of MCU stories? Then why are you sitting on the first 3 seasons of AoS?
Want to ship a romantic couple that lives through despite time, space, AND space-time separating them? You’ll find them here.
Haven’t seen great character arcs in a multi-starrer show? Then you didn’t watch Agents of SHIELD.
Do you love different scientific theories about universe(s)? Agents of SHIELD will offer you all of it.

If you chose to watch it, I’ll request you to stick through the first 16 episodes. They’re not bad. They’re just not as good as the show soon will be.

And, at the last, I want to thank the makers of this show. Among the first few shows I ever watched, & certainly among the best ones till date.

I will miss the show, and the creativity of the writers, who kept out-doing themselves, despite the show not getting the attention it deserves.

P.S.: The second best series finale ever is also from this show.


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